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POWR2-HW <HUAWEI Hilink Device>

Support the HUAWEI Al-Life app to monitor the real-time power consumption of appliances

Specially Designed for HUAWEI HiLink

As a great helper with more control features, the switch can work with the HUAWEI HiLink app for smart control

Track Power Usage in Real Time

To help homeowners monitor energy usage of appliances wirelessly, which ensures users know exactly the real-time power consumption for every device. Plus, historical power consumption download is available in the Android system


Let Devices Run on Your Fingertips

Simply pair with the app, all connected devices can be controlled whether on the go or at home

Safety Goes with You, Always

Allow you to set the real-time power, voltage and threshold current. Once beyond the set value, it will automatically turn off to ensure your devices are secure

  • 56.01w


  • 120.32v


  • 12.06A

    threshold current

Preset A Time for Your Home

Your hands are occupied busy tasks between times and are unable to turn on/off the device in time. Set a time, and devices will turn on/off automatically when you’re busy

HUAWEI AI Life APP Control

Remotely control POWR2-HW smart switch via HUAWEI Al Life APP. Wors with HUAWEI HLINK to trigger other HUAWEI Hilink smart devices. POWR2-HW makes your life smart and easier.

  • Remote Control

  • Schedule Timer

  • Overload Protection

  • Energy Monitoring

Power Cut? Don’t Fret!

Fear not worry the power failure. The appliance will keep the status before power cut when electrical system restores the normal work

Believe Your DIY Potentiality

A great upside is its DIY compatibility that gives you the ability to upcycle regular appliances, to ease into a smart home. Simply connect it to hard-to-reach devices to work wonders


How-to Wiring Guide


Note: To avoid electric shocks, please consult the dealer or a qualified professional for help when installing and repairing

3 Steps to Connect,

Search and download “HUAWEI Al Life” APP on Google Play/Apple App Store

  • Turn on the device and access the HUAWEI Al-Life app to add
  • Discover the device and enter your Wi-Fi account and password
  • Set a location and name for it, then a good job


Model: POWR2 Input: AC 100-240V Max. Power: 3500W Max. Load: 15A
Security Protocol: WPA/WPA2 Wi-Fi Standard: 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n Size: 114 x 51 x 32mm