Comfort Guardian of Your Smart Home

SONOFF Zigbee Temperature and Humidity Sensor

High-Accurate Monitoring

With higher precision detection capability, can accurately monitor environmental temperature and humidity.

Real-time Data Query

The data will be refreshed within 5 seconds at the fastest when temperature and humidity fluctuate.

Extended Battery Life

The battery life has been increased to more than four years. No longer have to worry about running out of power.

Recording Data, Recording Life

Supporting cloud-based historical records, the temperature and humidity data of each day will be stored in the App. You can easily access the temperature and humidity variations for each day, month, or every six months through real-time queries. Additionally, you can download the data to enhance your living environment based on temperature and humidity trends.

Maintain Room Comfort

When the room temperature or humidity exceeds your set comfort range, you will receive immediate notifications on your phone, helping you maintain room comfort and ensuring life quality.

Create Smart Scenes, Embrace Comfortable Lifestyle

Set up smart scenes to control fans and humidifiers based on different temperature or humidity levels at night, creating a comfortable sleep environment for you.

Compatible with Multiple Gateways

Equipped with Zigbee 3.0 protocol, supporting various gateways, including the following devices, making pairing effortless upon arrival.

Know the Temperature with A Word

Want to know the current temperature? Simply ask Alexa or Google Home to get the info instantly!

Always by Your Side

Various Installation Methods