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is Our Responsibility

It’s been 5 years since SONOFF released the first DIY switch SONOFF BASIC in late 2015. During the past years, we keep upgrading our design to meet the critical regulatory requirements, to offer higher value to the users.

Here are some of the principles we apply in designing the brand new BASICR2.

Mechanical strength is impregnable

To guarantee the reliability of product quality, 30N pull-push effort is applied to BASICR2, and there is no damage nor movement of the actuating members.

Moisture and dust resistance

To prevent the device from potential safety hazard caused by occasionally excessive humidity weather. After 48 hours humidity test (Relative humidity: 95%, Temperature: 25°C), the device can work normally.

Environment stress, no problem

Keep a great durability and reliability in harsh environments. It can continuously work for 4hrs at 60℃ & 24hrs at -10℃ at the 10A of rated load.

Creepage distances, clearances and distances through insulation

The creepage clearance of all positions is greater than 3mm, while US regulation requires 2mm and EU regulation requires 2.5mm. This can ensure the feasibility of using BASICR2 in various environments, prevent sparking from high humidity environment.

Protection against electric shock

Our product provides adequate protection against accidental contact with live parts in all unfavorable positions of normal use. Ensure the user’s safety in installation and use.

PC940 fireproof and flame-retardant enclosure

To obtain high heat-resistance and dimensional stability, we adopt LexanTM PC940 resin for the enclosure. This material offers UL-94 V0 flammability rating and good dimensional stability which meets the standard IEC60695-10-2 of ball pressure test at 125℃(257℉).

Terminals and terminations

Terminals for fixed wiring comply with UL 1059, the Standard for Terminal Blocks. Screws and nuts which clamp external conductors. Ensure that the external wire can be clamped during wiring.

Structure stable,no hidden danger in installation

The structure strictly controls the requirements of insulation, micro disconnection, and installation test to ensure the reliability and safety of the product structure.

No safety details will be ignored

Even the product fuse, we also added a heat shrinkable sleeve to ensure better electrical insulation.

Safety is our responsibility, SONOFF will always adhere to these principles to do the user assured products.

Manage A Group of Devices
with A Tap

Organize SONOFF smart devices into a group for unified control with a single tap on your smartphone.

Sync Device Status
on APP

Not sure if the light is off while you leave home? Immediately access the APP to check the status and turn off it.

Control at Your Fingertips

Worry that your drowsiness goes away when you go out of bed to turn off the light? You do it without moving to the front of switch with the help of SONOFF RM433 remote controller.



Do You Want to Do with
Your Voice

Release your hands to simplify daily routines. Works with Alexa & Google Home to make you control the device connected with RFR2 through your voice.

Arrange Working Time
for Devices

Feel trouble that you turn on the irrigation system at 8AM and turn off it at 11AM to water your garden? Get the smart switch connected with it and you can schedule it to turn on and off acutomatically.

Trigger Your Devices in
the Action

Set the scene for SONOFF wireless door sensor and the light connected with a smart switch, to achieve that light is turned on at once when you open the door and off when you close the door.

Multiple Certifications Quality Guarantee

Multi-protocol Support, Always One for You


Your Smart Home Choice

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