Wi-Fi Smart Switch

APP Remote Control

Just tap on eWeLink App to turn on a light anytime and anywhere. A lighted house anticipates your arrival

Hands-Free Voice Control

Compatible with Alexa & Google Home, the smart switch allows you to control lights on/off with your voice

Timer & Schedule

Wake up in a bright room with timing schedules

Smart Scene

Create smart scenes to make one SONOFF device trigger on/off another one, or group multiple devices to control them with one tap

Share Control

Share control of your home appliances to your family or friends so that they can also control the devices remotely

On or Off? View from Your Phone

Can know your device is on or off through the eWeLink app even if you’re not at home

Build More Actions You Expected

Compatible with the IFTTT function, communicate with a slew of devices or send the notification to your phone. Automatically turn your light on at sunset when you’re coming home

Universal DIY

Compatible with any household appliances. The small module has DIY capability for users with basic electrician knowledge

DIY Mode

Utilize the REST API to connect the BASICR3 with your existing home automation system

Wiring Diagram

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No Tasmota and eWeLink cloud to control the SONOFF device? YES!
No Tasmota and eWeLink cloud to control the SONOFF device? YES!