Wi-Fi Smart In-Wall Outlet &Switch with Power Metering

Replace the original dumb wall switch/outlet, instantly make your lights or other electrical appliances smart, and the power metering helps you to manager you devices’ power consumption scientifically.

Note: Neutral wire is needed, please make sure there is a neutral wire in the switch box before purchasing.

No More Getting Out of Bed to Turn off Lights

You can see the on/off status of the device connected to IW100/101 and control it from anywhere with your phone.

Multiple Timer Ways for Your Needs

Specified time

Turn off lights at 11:00 pm every weekday


Turn off the fan an hour later

Loop execution

Cycle on and off

Always Know How Much Electricity is Used

Do high-power appliances always consume a lot of electricity? Now the smart device automatically counts nearly 100 days of power consumption for you to help you save power.
You can also export CSV data tables with one tap.

Overload Protection

With high-precision power monitoring, once the overload occurs, IW100&101 will immediately cut off power to ensure your safety.

"Inching" Helps You Automatically Turn off Devices

Works with More Ecosystems

Hey Google, turn off the Light.

Alexa, turn on the light.

Reliable at All Times

No server connection

Sometimes, the connection to the server is not available. But it’s okay, it supports LAN control, you can still use your phone to control at home.

No router connection

The IW100/101 can be switched on and off as a local device even if the router is unexpectedly powered down and not connected.

Safe And Reliable

Easy to Install


Quick User Guide

Download eWeLink APP

Wiring and Power On

Tap “+” and select “Quick Pairing”, then operate following the prompt on the APP



Input 120V AC 60Hz
Max. output IW100: 15A/1800W IW101: 15A/3300W>
Dimension 116x70x35mm
Lamp load (IW101) Incandescent: 600W/120V CFL: 220W/120V
Operating systems (Android 4.1& iOS 9.0) or higher
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/n/g 2.4GHz
Material PC V0