DIY a traditional E27 Bulb into A Smart WIFI LED Bulb in Seconds

Traditional LED bulbs can always cause people a lot of trouble. For example, when you’re lying in beds, you realize you forget to turn off the LED lights. At this time, it’s really annoying to get out of your warm bed to turn off the lights. And if you have a kid who is a light sleeper, the trouble can be much worse because he will be easily wakened when you get out of bed to turn off the LED lights. However, smart WiFi LED bulbs have solved the trouble perfectly, which you can remotely control LED bulb with just a few taps on your smartphone or table, even set a time schedule to let it turn on/off automatically. 

In this tutorial, I’ll mainly show you how to DIY a cost effective WiFi LED light bulb. All you need is a SONOFF Slampher ($8.50), which is a WiFi wireless light holder that can connect to light bulbs with E27 screw base. With it, you can quickly retrofit your home E27 LED Bulb to a smart LED bulb in seconds.

SONOFF Slampher Features:
A. Support WiFi network.
B. Remote ON/OFF LED lights via an APP on smart phone or table.
C. Support schedule timing, single and repeat timing tasks, and setting countdown.
D. Support tracking LED status on APP.
E. Easy installation, energy saving and can be activated immediately and stably.

1.Switch off the power supply, and then screw one E27 LED Bulb in your home out of the bulb holder.
2.Screw Sonoff Slampher into the bulb holder instead.
3.Then screw this LED bulb into Sonoff Slampher and switch on the power supply.
4.Download E-WeLink app from Google Play or App Store, and then install it.

5.Long press the “set” button on Slampher, click the “Add Device” button in the app, then follow the wizard to add Sonoff Slampher.

Now, you can turn on or off the LED light anytime and anywhere via this APP on your smart phone or tablet. If you need to make the LED light ON/OFF automatically at a fixed time (each day), you may use its schedule timing or countdown feature.

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