How to connect a wifi humidity sensor to a WIFI switch

A wireless humidity sensor , which could measures and reports the relative humidity in the air , by woking with Sonoff TH wifi switch , you can monitor the humidity data in your smart phone from anywhere at anytime , but how to install the device , here I have got a Sonoff TH , and a AM2301 temp.&humidity sensor , let’s check it out . 

Step1 : eWeLink

Get a smartphone in your hand , download eWeLink APP from google play or APP store , register a new eWelink account with your phone number or email . 

Step2 : Installation

Wiring the Sonoff TH device and plug in the AM2301 wifi humidity sensor , then Power on , here you can see a blue LED flicker slowly , that is the WIFI status indicator light , after you press the on/off button , you can see a red indicator light , that is the Power status . 

Step 3: Connection

Press and hold the on/off button for about 3 seconds until the wifi indicator light flicker quickly , then open the APP and click adding device , input your wifi name and password , after it connect successfully in about 30 seconds , then you can name the device and control the device . 

Step4 : Interface 

After installation done , how can we see the humidity data ? You just need to open the product interface in APP , then you can see the picture as below , it shows very the temperature and humidity very clearly , and if the temp.&humidity changed in the air , the data in APP will also change in real time .

Step 5: Function  

-Power on/off , remote control and physical control in the same time .

-Timing schedule , support timing and countdown timing .

-Remote humidity sensor , setting the max or min Temp. or humidity data and on/off the electricity automatically .  Temp. reach 28 degree , Fan open , humidity lower to 65% , Humidifier open . 

-Gang control , if you have another Sonoff WiFi device , then you can create a more intelligent scene mode , by setting the Temp.&Humidity data in previously , to open or close another Sonoff device automatically . 

When talking about the Smart home , we all know it is refer to WiFi control , remote control , wireless connection , but the winning strategy in the smart and connected home technology segment is about creating end to end solutions (from various sensors to analytics ) , we control the living conditions by Sonoff TH and AM2301 remote humidity sensor , we monitor the power consumption by Sonoff Pow , we ensure the home security by Sonoff IP camera , and all of these Sonoff device have been integrated in one APP eWeLink .

ITEAD studio , we make innovation easier !

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