Automatic Light Switch – SONOFF and Slampher

Automatic light switch can automatically activate our home lighting. We always live a regular life, so we can customize our own timing schedules to auto-turn on/off our lighting at the right time. Imagine lights being automatically turned on at 7 a.m. to wake us up and being automatically turned off at the specified time at night. That will also avoid wasting energy because we sometimes forget to turn off the lights. The automated light switches we often see are switch with IR sensor or motion sensor, by detecting someone’s come and leave to automatic turn on/off the lights. But now we are talking the more popular smart home WiFi wireless switch. They are more adorable because they can not only supports various timing schedules to automatic turn on/off the lights, but also can remote control light switch. They can not only control all kinds of lights, such as light bulbs, fluorescent lamps and halogen lamps, but also can control various home appliances. The smart switches provides even more comfort and security for home lighting automation and building lighting.

Today I want to introduce you two great smart gadgets: Slampher and SONOFF RF,The Slampher WiFi wireless light holder is such a powerful automatic light switch that supports all E27 screw base light bulbs. The Sonoff RF WiFi wireless switch can control all kinds of home appliances and electric devices, which is also a great home automation light switch. Both the Slampher and Sonoff RF supports 3 control ways: local switch, mobile APP and 433MHz remote control.

Let’s have a look at the Slampher. I have screwed it with an E27 LED light bulb.

Then screw it to the original light holder. You may notice there is a small black button on the light holder, that is the local toggle button and also WiFi pairing button.

APP Control
To enable APP remote control, firstly, we should download the APP called eWeLink Android from GooglePlay or iOS from APP Store. Install it to your smart phone or tablet, register a new account with email(users located outside Asian area) or phone number.

To add Slampher to the APP, you should press and hold the pairing button until the LED fast blinks.

Then tap”+” on APP. Search and add it, enter your WiFi name and password, then name the device. Learn more details about eWeLink user guide.Then you will see the device on your device list, enter the interface you can turn it on/off freely.

Timing Schedules
To automate control the light bulbs, you can custom different timing schedules on APP to turn on/off at specified time. Both Slampher and Sonoff RF supports timing schedule function. You can set single/repeat/countdown/loop timing schedules.

Countdown timing allows you to turn on/off device after a preset time. The maximum countdown time is 24hr.

Loop timer can be auto-executed every preset time(say 1hr), and continue for a shorter preset time(say 10min). For example, use loop timer to control watering system switch for your garden. You can use loop timer to automatically turn on the watering system every hour, and keep working for 10min and then automatically turn off.

SONOFF RF need to do some simple wiring. The input connects to the power supply (90-250v AC), and the output can connect to any electric devices or home appliances (max power 2200 W).

To add it to the APP, you should press and hold the black set button until the led beside fast blink. Then you could add it to your smart phone or tablet.

Sonoff RF works the same as Slampher, you can tap on the APP to turn it on or off immediately. Also, you can preset various types of timing for your devices. Note: each device supports max. 8 timers. The remote control switch can then automatically turn on/off at the preset time regularly.

433MHz Remote Control

After pairing with the remote controller, you can press the button indoor to turn on/off your device. How to pair it with the 433MHz Remote Controller? Quickly press the black “set” button on Sonoff/Slampher twice, the red LED on Sonoff RF/Slampher will flash one time, then press one of the ABCD buttons on the remote controller once for a few seconds to pair with. If you pair it with A, then you can press A to turn on/off your device.

To cancel the pairing, you need to fast press the”set” button on Sonoff/Slampher 3 times.

Now you can use SONOFF to remote control any home appliances or electric devices and use Slampher to remote control any light bulbs, and customize different automate timing schedules to DIY a automate smart home or office. Sonoff and Slampher, control from anywhere at any time!

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  1. Justin Manning


    Hi there,

    I bought the sonoff light switch, but the led downlights do not turn on, and the led outside lights flicker. The old original lights work, just not LED. Is there anything you could suggest?

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