Home Connect Plus is an app for central and intuitive control of your smart home. The app connects and automates a variety of smart home devices and systems from different brands – everything from smart thermostats, to vacuum cleaners and speakers, to shutters and lighting. With Home Connect Plus app, you can combine devices from different brands, control them centrally, and create intelligent automation and scenarios. For example, use your smart door lock as a trigger and make sure that all lights are always switched off and the temperature is turned down as soon as you leave the house. Or create a board and keep an eye on your electricity, gas and water consumption. SONOFF has entered into a partnership with Home Connect Plus. Most SONOFF devices work with Home Connect Plus app, now you can expand your SONOFF set-up with numerous devices and entire systems across manufacturers on the Home Connect Plus app.

Get Started

  • Download and install the eWeLink APP and register an eWeLink account
  • Download and install the Home Connect Plus app

eWeLink and Home Connect Plus Binding Process

With the above preparations, now let me introduce how to sync SONOFF devices on “eWeLink Smart Home” to “Home Connect Plus”.  Let’s follow the steps to set it up.

(1) After installing the Home Connect Plus app, enable it and click “Continue“, then click “Continue to login” and choose a way to log in.


(2) After logging in, select your country and click “Continue“. After completing registration, enable the Home Connect Plus app, click “Devices“, then click “Connect new devices” to enter the Add device page.


(3) Find the eWeLink app and click it, then click “Continue” in the upper left corner to enter the login eWeLink account page, after entering the account and password, click “Oauth and Log in“, and open Home Connect Plus app.


In this way, the process of syncing devices on eWeLink Smart Home to Home Connect Plus is completed, and your SONOFF device will appear on the devices page of the Home Connect Plus app.


List of Devices Working with Home Connect Plus


Q. Why can't I find Home Connect Plus in my app store?

A. It is currently only available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands and United Kingdom.
Learn more about the app:

Q. After connecting my eWeLink account to Home Connect Plus, why some devices on eWeLink app are not synced to Home Connect Plus?

A. Currently, Home Connect Plus supports most SONOFF devices. But some unsupported devices cannot be synchronized to Home Connect Plus. And more devices will be supported in the future.

Q. Are all the functions of SONOFF devices available on the Home Connect Plus app?

A. No. Some functions are not supported on the Home Connect Plus app. It focuses on those essential functions and automations that provide convenience in daily use. Detailed setting options or rarely used special functions still remain on the eWeLink app.