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1. Control ways Introduction

2. Three ways to control

3. Step-by-step Guide for three control ways setting

4. FAQs

Control ways Introduction

Do you worry that the unstable or unavailable Wi-Fi makes you fail to adjust the atmosphere of your party or space using your mobile phone? If your answer is yes, this article is what you will need to walk through.

SONOFF L2 waterproof Wi-Fi smart LED light strip provides you with three control ways, eWeLink App, Bluetooth and IR remote control. You may control your lighting decoration or the ambient of home as you wish on your mobile phone even though your Wi-Fi network is broken – Bluetooth. You can turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile phone to keep normal communication and response between the light strip and eWeLink App so that the light strip can be controlled remotely.

Three ways to control

  • IR remote control

L2 includes an IR remote which L2 includes an IR remote that can directly turn on or off L2, and allows you to adjust the colors, brightness and modes using a button on it.

  • Bluetooth control

L2 adds Bluetooth control as one more remote control way. Compared with Wi-Fi remote control, Bluetooth control features two advantages – you can quickly pair it with your mobile phone; the control to it will not be affected no matter how good or bad the external network (Wi-Fi) is. *Timing schedule and smart scene are not available in Bluetooth control.

  • Wi-Fi control

Wi-Fi control is considered as the basic smart control way which is common in smart home control. L2 can be operated under a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network or mobile data network.

Step-by-step Guide for three control way setting

How to control L2 using IR remote?

  1. Connect the WiFi controller with the power adapter and light strip. Note that you should insert the pin head into the WiFi controller as shown below:

2. Power L2 on. Now. Free to control it through IR remote.

How to control L2 through Bluetooth?

  1. Long press the “ON” button on the IR remote for 5 s to make L2 enter the “pairing status”. Enable eWeLink App. Tap “+” on the bottom of the main interface, then select “Bluetooth Pairing”.

2. Check “The indicator is blinking correctly” and tap “Next”.

3. After L2 is searched, tap “Connect”.

4. Name L2 and Done.

5. Go to “…” on the main interface and tap on “Show All” to make all paired devices show on the main interface.
*The main interface of eWeLink just show the offline devices and the connected devices connected through Wi-Fi, so when you pair L2, it is not visible on the main interface.

6. Now you can control L2 on eWeLink App through Bluetooth.

How to control L2 through Wi-Fi?

To change the control way from Bluetooth to Wi-Fi, you just need make simple settings like the steps below.

  1. Access L2 control interface, then go to the upper right corner and tap “…”.

2. Move to “WiFi Settings” and access “Tap here to connect WiFi” to select WiFi.

3. Enter WiFi SSID and password, then “Save”.

4. Tap “Got it”. WiFi setting is done.

5. Now you can control L2 on eWeLink App through WiFi.


  • What’s the advantage of Bluetooth control?
    When your WiFi is not available or unstable, you can still control L2 via your mobile phone.
  • After L2 is paired through Bluetooth successfully, can I directly control it through WiFi on my mobile phone?
    No, to enable WiFi control, you need access the device control interface>>WiFi settings>>Select available WiFi>>enter WiFi SSID and password>>Save to make the setup.
  • Do I need make “WiFi Settings” every time if I want to switch to WiFi control from Bluetooth control?
    No, you only need to make “WiFi Settings” once during the first adding WiFi network to L2, then you can free to turn on/off WiFi on your mobile phone for enabling or disabling WiFi control.
  • Are there same functions available in Bluetooth and WiFi control?
    No. In Bluetooth control, schedule, timer and scene are not available.
  • Whether my BluetShould I enable Bluetooth on my mobile phone when adding WiFi in  “WiFi Setting” on eWeLink App for the first time?
    Yes, when you add WiFi for the first time, you need enable Bluetooth on your mobile phone to transfer the WiFi information to L2. If you need switch into a new WiFi network, you can enable or disable Bluetooth.
  • Does the “①” button on the main interface of eWeLink App be the ON/OFF button for WiFi or Bluetooth control?
    This button is only used to turn on or off L2 in WiFi control. In other words, you can control L2 using this button when WiFi is enabled on your mobile phone.If you want to turn on or off L2 in Bluetooth control, you need access L2 control interface and find the “ON/OFF” button to control.
  • Can I set the specific brightness and color temperature in smart scene?
    No, you can make L2 turn on or off in smart scene.
  • Can I customize the scene mode for my home?
    Yes, you can customize the desired scene mode with specific brightness, mode, color and speed of color changing. Before setting the “DIY scene”, please keep L2 is on (Same condition for Music Visualizer.).