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1. SONOFF SNZB-01P Button Overview

SONOFF, the brand no longer presents itself, one of the pioneers in home automation and more generally in the field of remote control.

SONOFF website and full description of the module: SONOFF SNZB-01P

SONOFF SNZB-01P button positions itself as part of your system, providing instant, intelligent control of your connected home environment. Integrated into the Jeedom ecosystem, this button becomes the master of actions, scenarios and usability.

1.1 Main Features

One switch, three possible actions: Single click, double click, long press

Communication protocol: ZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4)

Power supply: CR2477

Operating temperature: –10°C ~ 60°C

Weight: 27.8 G

Size: 45x45x17.7mm

Experience a new dimension of control with the SONOFF SNZB-01P button in the Jeedom ecosystem. Unleash the power of your smart home with just one touch.

2. Unboxing

A beautiful little box that contains so many possibilities and above all questions, with what? Or ? Why ? etc

As mentioned above, small button that represents the brand well, simple, beautiful, matte white and a nice finish!

The contents of the box: The button, a sticker sheet to personalize the button, a 3M self-adhesive pad, a metal plate, and a screw.

It will therefore be possible to install it almost anywhere with a lot of possibilities.

In addition, at the back, we will find access to the battery as well as a QR code.

On the side, we will find the button for pairing to the Zigbee network.

3. Situation

So, nothing better than asking for a local resource. If tomorrow I give you this little button where you can stick pretty stickers, what do you want to do with it knowing that you can manage 3 actions?

Managing a lamp? An alarm? A way? So many solutions are possible and we can imagine putting more everywhere in the house!!!!

For this article, I will do the integration with Zigbee2Mqtt and the management in Zigbeelinker.

3.1 Integration into Zigbee2Mqtt

So we start to activate the pairing on the button by long pressing the small side button, at which time the small red LED flashes.

In Zigbee2Mqtt, I activate the pairing, without waiting too long the button is added and configured.

We rename the button to have a better understanding and visibility in Jeedom.

We can see in the “expose” tab the actions on the button that go up: single, double, long.

3.2 Integration into Jeedom/ZigbeeLinker

We now move on to Jeedom for its integration, we synchronize the components in ZigbeeLinker
Once the synchronization is done, we can clearly see the new button with its pretty little name 🙂

We assign it a room, activate it and make it visible.

You will find the possible commands on the button and the information.

4. Using SONOFF SNZB-01P button in a scenario

We will start from the principle, 3 functions, therefore 3 possibilities:

1 click = Light the tree

2 clicks = Light the tree and the lights outside

Long click = That’s enough, it’s not Versailles here

So, we start with a scenario in Jeedom:

We name it, activate it and trigger the action of the button.

Then it will be possible to take actions based on the click.

ewelink smart home

4.1 Example situation: managing an alarm with SNZB-01P

4.1.1 Imagining a situation

Long press: activation of the alarm when you leave with a short activation time (yes, you have to go out) or directly.

Double-click: deactivation of the alarm.

Single click: use this function as an emergency button.

4.1.2 The results

  1. First of all, we leave the house, we click twice, Alexa informs you that the alarm will activate in 30 seconds, move your ass!
  2. The shopping is over, you come home, the alarm is activated, Alexa kindly informs you that: you are with a Youdom freelancer, and there is an alarm there! You have 10 seconds to… Phew, I pressed the button twice, so the alarm was deactivated
  3. The shopping is over, you come home, the alarm is activated, Alexa kindly informs you that: you are with a Youdom freelancer, and there is an alarm there! You have 10 seconds to do what you need to do, otherwise… we’ll let go of the dogs, the mother-in-law, we’ll come and eat your family, etc ha damn, are we already at 15 seconds? From there, I make the sirens scream (if you don’t have one, see Dimitri’s article HERE), if you haven’t had time you add a deactivated action, the siren, and the alarm with a double press, and why not, validation on mobile that you are at home with a question, if no answer, we restart the siren scenario etc.
  4. The shopping is over, and you come home, but at the same time an unidentified and malicious individual grabs you and asks you for your little pain au chocolat (chocolate, I don’t want to upset some people), Alexa informs him that well there you are: you are at a freelancer from Youdom there is the alarm! You have 10 seconds to do the right thing, otherwise… You gently inform your attacker, once again, that you need to press the pretty SONOFF button, but this time, you just press once… AND THERE!!!!

Siren, notification on other cell phones, mother-in-law, dogs, etc.

5. Conclusion on SNZB-01P

This “small” button is really efficient, perhaps a little latency in terms of execution, but certainly a problem for me, otherwise, very satisfied to have tried this module, it will remain in Christmas mode for the period, but after I think that several friends will be added all over the house as scenario “guardrails” or other uses as mentioned above.

I hope I have made you want to test/install this little module 😉

Have fun!