Do you have many Yeelight lights at home and wish to control them through iHost? Now, Yeelight has released an official Add-on that supports synchronizing Yeelight devices on the same local network in iHost and allows you to control the on/off switch, brightness, and color. Let’s check the following guide step by step on how to achieve it!

Install and Run the Add-on

  1. On iHost Docker page, search for “yeelightdocker/ewelinkcube-yeelight-lan” and click “Add to list”.
  1. Install the Add-on. Run it.

Add Yeelight Device to iHost

  1. Click “Get token” on the Web UI page. iHost will scan the Yeelight device in the same local network as iHost.

* You need to add devices to the Yeelight APP first and select the same Wi-Fi network as iHost.

  1. Then iHost will show the Yeelight light in the list. Choose and confirm.
  1. Now you can control the Yeelight device in iHost, and set the local scene!