NSPanel Pro is a smart home control panel that can manage all your devices and scenes for central control. On this panel, you can view camera monitoring, adjust light color temperature, room temperature, light colors, turn on/off lights, etc. It supports adding four types of cameras: SONOFF Camera, RTSP Camera, ESP32 Camera and eWeLink Camera app. Now introduce how to add RTSP camera and sync SONOFF camera to the panel.😉

How to Add RTSP Camera to NSPanel Pro

(1) First, add the camera and NSPanel Pro to eWeLink APP, after finishing login and adding, you can find the camera ( take CAM Slim as an example ) and NSPanel Pro on the APP homepage.

( PS. NSPanel Pro and the camera must be connected on the same WiFi. )


(2) Second, take the NSPanel Pro and swipe down to find ‘Add Cam’ icon, click it to enter a new page, then click ‘RTSP Cameras’, and then click ‘RTSP Address’ to enter the RTSP address. After entering the address, click ‘Save’, and you can set a name for your camera, then click ‘Add’. After this, the adding is finished. Then you can view the live monitoring on the panel at any time.


Your camera will appear on the main screen of NSPanel Pro, click it, you’ll 👀 see the live monitoring, and find the camera in the Device list.


How to Get the RTSP Address ( Take SONOFF CAM Slim as an example )

The way to get RTSP address from other manufacturers’ RTSP cameras may be different from that of SONOFF. Please contact the relevant manufacturers for details. Here, take SONOFF CAM Slim as an example to introduce how to get the RTSP address of the camera.

(1) First, click ‘CAM Slim’ on eWeLink APP and the ‘•••’ icon in the upper right corner to enter the ‘Device Settings’ page. Then click ‘More Settings’, click ‘RTSP’ and turn on it. Then you can click ‘Create RTSP Link’ to generate the link.

(2) Then you can enter the generated RTSP link on NSPanel Pro to view the live monitoring on the panel.


How to Sync CAM Slim to NSPanel Pro

(1) First, click the added device ‘NSPanel86PB’, then click ‘Device’ to enter the ‘Configure Devices’ page, and then click ‘Edit’ in the upper right corner.

(2) Second, tick ‘CAM Slim’, then click ‘Save’, you will see CAM Slim in the device list of NSPanel Pro.