How to Add and Control Matter Device by NSPanel Pro


In version 2.0.0, NSPanel Pro has finally introduced Matter Hub capabilities, allowing you to add Matter devices from different brands to the eWeLink APP. This enables seamless interconnectivity and control between various brands and types of Matter devices. Simultaneously, you can conveniently manage your smart home by locally controlling these Matter devices through NSPanel Pro. In this article, we will guide you on how to add Matter devices using NSPanel Pro.

*To access these new features, make sure to upgrade your NSPanel Pro to V2.0.0.

Pairing Tutorial

Open the eWeLink APP and tap on “Scan” in the top-right “+”.

Align your phone camera with the Matter QR code to initiate an automatic scan.

*If the QR code scan fails, you can try adding the device manually by entering the device ID.

T5-light modes

Access the Matter pairing page, put your Matter device into pairing mode and wait for the APP to look for it.

Confirm that both your phone and NSPanel Pro are connected to the same local network and are online. Input the password for this Wi-Fi network, and then click “Next.”

T5-light modes

After successfully adding, you can customize the device name, assign location and icon.

The added Matter device will appear on the APP’s homepage as well as in the device list on NSPanel Pro, allowing you to control it at any time.

T5-light modes
T5-light modes

Local Matter Scene

When setting a smart scene in the APP, if the trigger and action only include the options listed in the table below, the created smart scene will become a Matter local scene, supporting local triggers in the local network.

Time of DayDelay
Matter Device (Such as ON/OFF)Matter Device (Such as ON/OFF)
T5-light modes


Q. QR Code Scan invalid?

A. If the scan is failed, please try manually entering the device ID around the Matter QR code.

Q. It shows "A Matter hub is required when adding Matter devices to the App"?

A. Please ensure that your eWeLink account has added at least one NSPanel Pro, which is connected to the same local network as your mobile phone and online. The NSPanel Pro requires upgrading to V 2.0.0.

Q. Can chang the Wi-Fi network after adding Matter devices?

A. Matter devices on the same LAN may not be controlled if you switch the network. If you want to control them again, you can change the Wi-Fi network or pair the Matter devices with the new network.

Q. What types of Matter devices are currently supported?

A. Currently, we support Matter devices like switches and outlets. More types of Matter devices will be supported in future updates.

Q. Does it only support Wi-Fi-based Matter devices?

A. It supports all types of Matter devices, including Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Thread-based Matter devices.

Q. Is it local control when controlling Matter devices that are added in NSPanel Pro?

A. Yes. Local control is achieved through the Matter protocol within the local network.

Q. After successfully adding Matter devices, can you control them with the eWeLink APP if NSPanel Pro is offline?

A. If NSPanel Pro is offline but your phone and Matter devices are on the same local network, you can still control them by eWeLink APP. If NSPanel Pro is offline, but your smartphone and Matter devices are not on the same local network, the Matter devices will be offline and cannot be controlled through the eWeLink APP.

Q. Can the Matter device be added to multiple NSPanel Pro devices? Is it local control on other NSPanel Pro devices?

A. Once you add a Matter device, it will automatically appear on all NSPanel Pros within the same local network under the eWeLink account. You can locally control this Matter device in the other NSPanel Pro that is in the same LAN.

For NSPanel Pro that is not within the same LAN, you can manually sync the previously added Matter device in the eWeLink APP. However, controlling the Matter device in NSPanel Pro that is not on the same LAN will require an internet connection.

Q. What is the maximum number of Matter devices that can be added to a single NSPanel Pro?

A. There is no limit to the number of Matter devices that can be added.

Q. Matter device is offline?

A. Please check:

  1. Device is powered on.
  2. Router is connected to the Internet.
  3. Matter hub is connected to the WiFi network.