Imagine a smart solution that seamlessly integrates a wall switch, an ambient light, a doorbell, and an alarm, all in one. That’s the remarkable answer that TX Ultimate provides! With its convenient touch screen, vibrant LED lights, built-in speaker, and powerful performance, TX Ultimate is the ultimate solution for your smart home needs.


To harness the full potential of TX Ultimate, you can set various smart scenes using the eWeLink App on your smartphone. These scenes allow different devices to work in harmony, making your life more effortless. Let’s explore some intelligent scenarios using the TX Ultimate dual-channel version as an example:

Scene 1: Sunset Magic

Trigger: Sunset
Action: Channel 1 On, Channel 2 On

Set TX Ultimate to automatically turn on all channels at sunset. Whether it’s summer or winter, as the sun sets and darkness falls, TX Ultimate illuminates your living room.

Scene 2: Night Atmosphere

Trigger: Set Timer at 23:00
Action: Channel 1 Off, Channel 2 Off, Ambient Light On

At 11:00 PM, turn off all lights and activate TX Ultimate’s ambient light for a cozy nighttime atmosphere. Let TX Ultimate accompany you into a peaceful slumber.

Scene 3: Motion Alert

Trigger: SNZB-03 detects motion
Action: Ambient Light On + 30s Delay + Ambient Light Off + Effective Time at 23:00

Create a scenario to briefly light up the ambient light when motion is detected by the SNZB-03 sensor. This provides a guiding path in the corridor during the night, ensuring safety without wasting electricity.

Scene 4: Two-way Control

Trigger: Single Click R5 Channel 1
Action: TX Ultimate Channel 1 Toggle

Want to control the same light from both your bedroom door and bedside? TX Ultimate supports eWeLink-Remote Control. You can control the lights by TX Ultimate and R5 after adding R5 and configuring this scene. Stick R5 by the bedside, and two-way control is achieved!

Scene 5: Smart Doorbell

Trigger: Single Click S-MATE2 Channel 1
Action: TX Ultimate Doorbell Sound

Enhance your door’s functionality with TX Ultimate. Wire S-MATE2 to a push button switch, create a doorbell scene. With the built-in speaker, you can hear TX Ultimate sound when someone presses S-MATE2 outside.

Scene 6: Intruder Alert

Trigger: CAM Slim detects motion
Action: TX Ultimate Alarm Sound

Guard your home with TX Ultimate. When CAM Slim detects someone’s movement in the yard at night, TX Ultimate sounds an immediate alarm, alerting you and potentially deterring intruders.

Scene 7: Morning Sunshine

Trigger: Swipe Left on TX Ultimate
Action: ZBCurtain Opens

Experience a new way of triggering scenes by swiping on TX Ultimate. Slide left in the morning to open the curtains, inviting in the sun’s warmth.


Scene 8: Party Time

Trigger: Swipe Right on TX Ultimate
Action: Activate “Party” Scene + Ambient Light On

Host a gathering? Swipe right to activate the party scene, setting colorful modes for smart LED strips and bulbs. TX Ultimate’s ambient light joins the fun!

Scene 9: Quick Turn Off

Trigger: Swipe Left on TX Ultimate
Action: Turn Off All Devices

In addition to activating scenes, use swipes for rapid device control. Swipe left TX Ultimate on the entryway when leaving, instantly turning off all lights and appliances to save energy.

These are just a few examples. With TX Ultimate’s versatile capabilities, you can craft more personalized scenes based on your lifestyle. Create a scene that lights up when the SZNB-02P detects a temperature above 32°C, or set the doorbell sound as an alarm at 8:30 AM. Utilize NFC Tags to instantly activate TX Ultimate. Swipe to open the coffee maker, TV, fan, or even your car door.

TX Ultimate is available now, ready to enhance your smart living experience. Embrace the future of smart scenes with TX Ultimate, and enjoy a seamless and vibrant home environment!

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