Advertisement: The SONOFF TX Ultimate was provided to me for this article. However, its provision does not influence the content of the article.

If you use light switches in your home, you know that a smart light switch can bring a lot of convenience in the future. However, one common problem is that you need a separate switch for each lamp or device, and you have to integrate each one into your home automation system. This is where the SONOFF TX Ultimate comes in, offering additional features that may seem unnecessary at first glance.

In this article, I want to take a closer look at the SONOFF TX Ultimate with you. I want to find out what makes this smart switch so interesting and why it could be the right solution for my smart home as well.

To make it easier for you to follow along, I will not talk about flashing in this article. We will use the SONOFF TX Ultimate as a smart light switch as intended by the manufacturer. Of course, you can still experiment with it yourself and explore alternative firmware, but for the sake of simplicity, we won’t focus on that in this article.

Officially, you can find the device at ITEAD.

Introducing the SONOFF TX Ultimate

SONOFF seems to have put a lot of thought into the design of their product. And even though you might expect the technology to suffer as a result, that’s not the case in my opinion.

TX Ultimate is capable of individually controlling three appliances through its touch panel on the front. With dimensions of 86 x 86 x 39 millimeters, there is plenty of space to control each device precisely. However, if that seems too complicated, you can also control this switch with your smartphone or voice assistant.

And that brings us to the topic of connectivity. The SONOFF TX Ultimate can be integrated into your home infrastructure through a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. After that, each touch panel can be operated and the lighting can be adjusted using the eWeLink App.

But wait, what lighting are we talking about?

One of the unique features of the SONOFF TX Ultimate is that it has built-in lighting on the outer side. This lighting can be adjusted through different modes, allowing it to create a party atmosphere or serve as a nightlight during the night. It’s very practical, especially if the device is installed in a dark hallway, for example.

The lighting also provides visual feedback on whether the device is turned on or off. In addition to that, it utilizes haptic feedback in the form of vibration. This combination is quite interesting and can be helpful for people with visual impairments.

Installation of the device should be carried out by trained professionals, as it involves working with the electrical system in your house. Please be careful, as electricity can be life-threatening!

Is there any accessory for the gadget?

A touch panel that only comes in white can be a bit boring. And ultimately, the design should also match the specific room where the device will be placed.

Therefore, SONOFF offers additional stickers to customize the appearance of the gadget. These stickers need to be purchased separately as they are not included in the standard package. When making the purchase, you can decide how you want your touch panel to look.

You can choose between stickers in a cartoon style or a star style. In my opinion, the cartoon style is suitable for playful environments or even children’s rooms, while the star style is more suitable for dark walls or calm rooms.

So, if you’re considering customizing your SONOFF TX Ultimate, definitely take a look at these stickers. If they don’t appeal to you, you can always remove them from your shopping cart.

Quick start is more like a rocket start

We may be familiar with the fact that setting up many devices takes longer than the manufacturer intends. Of course, there are also examples where this is not the case.

The SONOFF TX Ultimate is definitely a gadget that achieves a rocket-fast start. I set up a small test environment where I can capture individual images well. Once plugged in, the device is already in pairing mode, and in the eWeLink App, all we need to do is scan the environment for Bluetooth devices. We also provide the App with our Wi-Fi password, and the setup is done in a matter of seconds.

Honestly, the entire setup of the device took me about 7 minutes, including the provisional wiring with the power outlet and the extension cord. It can hardly get any faster.

Of course, it should be noted that if you were to install the SONOFF TX Ultimate in the wall, you would need to account for that time as well. But even then, we would still come to a very short time that is actually needed for the setup.

I have to admit, this fascinated me and reminded me of some manufacturers of smart light fixtures that also offer a quick setup process.

Multiple functions in one switch

When building a smart light switch for your home, you naturally consider how to operate it. The SONOFF TX Ultimate offers multiple control options that trigger various functions.

A short tap on one of the three areas turns the respective device on or off. The devices are connected to the switch via a cable, and in essence, it works very similar to a traditional push button. The only difference is the visual, tactile, and auditory feedback of the gadget.

A short tap with multiple fingers turns on or off the ambient lighting. When turned on, it switches to the previously set mode, which can be configured in the eWeLink App. For example, in darkness, it can quickly provide a very dim light to help find the way to the toilet at night.

A swipe gesture triggers the scenes, which can also be configured in the App. This allows you to trigger the whole automation that will be executed by your smart home. The corresponding automation needs to be set up in the App, so that the device knows what to do.

As you can see, the SONOFF TX Ultimate offers multiple functions that together form a very cohesive picture. Many different functions are bundled into a single device, without the need for a multitude of switches.

Integration with the smart home

Where would we be if we couldn’t connect a light switch to our smart home? Certainly not where I would like to be in my own home.

The SONOFF TX Ultimate can be connected to Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Alice. This opens up the possibility of controlling your devices through voice commands. For example, in ioBroker, the device would appear within the Alexa adapter and can be used for further automation.

This way, it would be possible to completely redefine the functions assigned to the individual buttons. When creating custom automation and linking it to a button, a single touch can trigger multiple functions simultaneously. Of course, the device is still connected to the internet through the eWeLink App. But if that doesn’t bother you, you will find a very interesting addition to your smart home.

This method is particularly suitable for areas where smart bulbs are not an alternative. Or when it comes to individual devices that should not be replaced by smart versions. Here, the SONOFF TX Ultimate can unleash its tremendous potential.

If that’s not enough, you have the option to set schedules in the App and automate the gadget accordingly. For example, you can automatically turn on a lamp every morning to wake you up. The schedules are quite flexible and can be adjusted or deleted in the App at any time.

My preliminary conclusion

I myself would like to use the SONOFF TX Ultimate in a place that has not yet been intended for automation. The planning is currently underway and I’m curious to see what the whole project will look like in a few weeks. Then it will probably result in long-term experience, so that I can give you even more details about the product. Especially for reliability and stability.

My first impression and thus also my preliminary conclusion is very positive. I’m surprised by how much you can do with a smart light switch and what useful additions there really are. The optical feedback in particular can help with devices that are not lamps. The vibration helps those with limited vision and the whole switch just helps everyone move forward in the smart home.

Certainly one can now argue about whether each device needs an account with its manufacturer to which it is tied. But there are ways and means to circumvent all this. However, if you choose the much more comfortable way, you will get there with this gadget. The biggest hurdle is probably just the installation.

I am also impressed by the lighting. The so-called ambient light is a real eye-catcher and is sure to attract curious glances. I can’t wait to see what my next visit will say when the light switch on the wall makes such interesting effects.