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Our partner SONOFF sent us the NSPanel.

NSPanel is a connected (WiFi) wall-mounted touch switch from SONOFF.

It consists of a touch screen and 2 buttons that can manage 2 ignitions, but also a temperature sensor.

You can control all compatible devices remotely using your voice assistant or smartphone.

nspanel package

Its purpose is to replace an existing regular switch in your home, but not only…

regular rocker switch on the wall
nspanel touch wall switch

IMPORTANT: Contact a professional for the installation of your NSPanel or any other electrical work!

1. Quality

This product has a top finish, thin and discreet screen, excellent brightness and very good display quality.

2. Functionality

Once your NSPanel is installed and configured, you have by default the complete weather forecast for the day, date and time as well as the temperature of the surrounding room.

The management of your lighting is done simply via the buttons, you can manage up to 2 channels.

You can manage and configure your device via its touch screen, but also interact with all other SONOFF brand devices.

3. Management

SONOFF’s eWeLink application allows you to manage your NSPanel but also all other products.

You can configure it entirely, and add widgets directly to your switch to manage other hardware via the touch interface.

4. Setup

For the configuration part, nothing could be simpler.

Download the ‘eWeLink’ App on your smartphone, create an account and follow the instructions to configure your NSPanel.

how to add devices to ewelink app

Take the time to navigate through all the options, you have a multitude of possibilities such as connecting Alexa, and Google Home, displaying your different SONOFF equipment on your NSPanel.

Compared to this material, the only slightly disappointing point is that it is not compatible with other brands to date. You have the possibility for the most seasoned to flash it with another firmware to overcome this problem.

5. Scenes

Via the ‘eWeLink’ application, you also have the possibility to create scenes, SONOFF has really set the bar very high with the standard principle of the trigger generating an action.

how to set a smart scene

6. Integration in Jeedom

To integrate your NSPanel into your Jeedom, you must install the ‘Ewejee’ plugin and then follow the installation instructions.

In the configuration part of the plugin, add your identifiers previously created in the application of your Smartphone ‘eWeLink’.

Then you just have to synchronize to recover your NSPanel and the other devices if you have them.

jeedom setup

7. Interaction with Jeedom

If the switch is capable of activating a light bulb or physical socket connected directly, it can also control remote device.

In the example below, we use the 2nd button on our NSPanel to turn on the lights when we get home.

Through a simple scenario in Jeedom, we trigger the lighting of the hallway and living room lights, the trigger is simply pressing the right button.

interaction on jeedom

We assign 2 actions which are the lighting commands for the lamps (corridor and living room).

smart scene on jeedom

Besides this example, the NSPanel provides you with other information like temperature, humidity, etc.

nspanel thermosta

8. Conclusion

We thank SONOFF for allowing us to test their NSPanel. While remaining fair and honest, this product is well-finished and of good quality!

But as we noted earlier in our article, the only negative point is its compatibility with other brands/hardware compared to the display management on the screen itself of the hardware.

It’s over here.

Jeremy Arnoux