New Design in V3.0.0

NSPanel Pro has introduced a new UI system called RUBIK in V3.0.0. You can customize different layouts for the home screen, or set devices and scenes on the same extended screen. This makes NSPanel Pro flexible like a Rubik’s Cube, allowing for easier management of devices.



Home Screen

  • Fixed layout
  • Fixed widgets

  • 12 different layouts
  • Customizable widgets

Extended Screen

  • Devices and scenes need to be displayed on different pages.
  • Display up to 4 devices or scenes on one page.

  • Devices and scenes can be displayed on the same pages.
  • Display up to 9 devices or scenes on one page.

Home Screen Customize

NSPanel Pro supports customizing the home screen. In eWeLink APP — Theme Settings, there are 12 different layouts to choose from. You can select different widgets from options such as devices, scenes, extended screens, and more to easily control devices with one click on the first screen.

Extended Screen Setting

The extended screen UI has been completely upgraded. Now devices and scenes can be set in the same extended screen, and one page can display more information.


Support sending a message from a mobile phone to NSPanel Pro via “Reminder”. After setting the reminder on the eWeLink APP, it can be pushed to NSPanel Pro and seen on the screen.

Screen Saver

When the screen saver is enabled, NSPanel Pro will display the current time after the screen auto-lock.

We are dedicated to creating a more convenient and versatile device control experience for NSPanel Pro. In the future, it will continue to support more types of SONOFF new devices, providing you with a comfortable smart home life.