TX Ultimate redefines smart home convenience as an all-new smart wall touch switch. With its smart LED ambient light showcasing a variety of lighting effects, built-in vibration motor simulating mechanical touch, and nearly 90% touch-sensitive area, it brings enhanced touch operations right to your fingertips. The captivating design, combined with diverse functionalities, empowers TX Ultimate to shine in both home decor and smart living, offering a canvas for your creative ideas when paired with various SONOFF devices.

Use with SNZB-03

When it is used with the infrared sensor SNZB-03, you can set two different scenes for different uses with TX Ultimate.

Smart Scene 1

Trigger: Motion detected by SNZB-03
Action: TX Ultimate Channel 1 On
Effective Time: 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM

In the morning, as SNZB-03 detects movement, TX Ultimate automatically turns on Channel 1. Passing through your living room is now effortlessly accompanied by automatically lit lights.

Smart Scene 2

Trigger: Motion detected by SNZB-03
Action: TX Ultimate Ambient Light On + 30-second Delay + TX Ultimate Ambient Light Off
Effective Time: 10:00 PM to 9:00 AM

During the night, with a detected motion by SNZB-03, TX Ultimate‘s ambient light is briefly turned on. After a 30s delay, the light will automatically turn off, guiding your path like a night lamp.

(*SNZB-03 requires a Zigbee gateway to work.)

Combined with CAM Slim

Equipped with an internal alarm sound, TX Ultimate pairs impeccably with the SONOFF CAM Slim Smart Camera, ensuring comprehensive home security.

Adding CAM Slim

Selection: CAM Slim
Through TX Ultimate‘s device details in the App, you can integrate the camera’s feed, allowing you to see CAM Slim’s captured images every time you operate TX Ultimate. Ideal for parents, this setup provides insights into children’s activities and allows you to remotely activate your home’s lights via TX Ultimate.

Smart Scene

Trigger: Motion detected by CAM Slim
Action: TX Ultimate Alarm Sound

By combining CAM Slim’s motion detection and TX Ultimate‘s alarm capabilities, you can create a smart scene to keep your home safe. When CAM Slim detects unauthorized movement, TX Ultimate promptly sounds an alarm to alert you.

Use with eWeLink-Remote Sub-devices

With the ability to serve as an eWeLink-Remote gateway, you can add eWeLink-Remote Sub-devices to TX Ultimate, enabling local control for enhanced convenience.

Learn more about eWeLink-Remote: What is eWeLink-Remote Control?

Smart Scene 1

Trigger: Single Click R5 Channel 1
Action: TX Ultimate Channel 1 Toggle

Unlock multi-control by adding multiple R5 to TX Ultimate to control the same light. Add up to 8 R5 units on one TX Ultimate, attach R5 to bedside, kitchen cabinet or any other place for your convenience- and enjoy local multi-control.

Smart Scene 2

Trigger: Single Click S-MATE2
Action: TX Ultimate Doorbell Sound

Yes, TX Ultimate can be used as a doorbell! Connect an S-MATE2 with the push button switch at your front door, and a single press triggers TX Ultimate‘s doorbell sound, to remind you of the guests visiting.

Use with Light Devices

TX Ultimate offers 8 ambient light modes, each with unique colors and effects. Pair it with other colorful SONOFF light devices such as the Smart RGB LED Bulb B05-BL and the RGBIC Light Strip L3 Pro to create a dynamic gaming room or infuse your space with vibrant party vibes.

Added to NSPanel Pro/iHost

NSPanel Pro is a smart control panel, that supports syncing various devices in the App to the panel for control. After syncing TX Ultimate to NSPanel Pro, you can check its status and control it through the touch panel at any time.

Alternatively, use it with iHost, a local LAN gateway, for faster control of devices within the same network. Add TX Ultimate to iHost through eWeLink smart home Add-on, you can control and set local scenes for TX Ultimate and other devices.

Use with More SONOFF Devices

With its extensive touch-sensitive area and newly introduced swipe gestures, it supports swiping left and right to trigger smart scenes (the US Version of the horizontal installation is swiping up and down). TX Ultimate can trigger diverse smart scenes and interact with more devices. You can swipe left/right to open/close ZBCurtain for effortless curtain control, or activate the heater/cooler, and even create a scene of turning on/off the lights at the same time. Swipe left to turn off all the smart appliances at home to avoid wasting electricity when you leave home, and swipe right to turn on all the home appliances you need when you go home, simplifying your routines.

TX Ultimate is now available, ready to redefine your smart living experience. Release your imagination, create seamless scenes, and enjoy the freedom of customization with TX Ultimate!

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