What is NFC

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It’s a short-range wireless communication way for your smartphone to interact with something or devices in close proximity, which typically operates a frequency of 13.56MHz within a distance of about 4cm or less to initiate the connection between compatible devices.

NFC tags are embedded as a smart chip in a physical device, which doesn’t entail any wires or even physical contact. When you place your smartphone next to the NFC tag, the stored data on the tag is wirelessly transmitted to the reader to trigger the event. So you can set a smart scene for NFC Tag, like turning on the lights, coffee maker, fan, etc.
Let’s see what you can do with SONOFF NFC Tag.👇


What You Can Do with SONOFF NFC Tag

SONOFF NFC Tag – 18mm diameter size for automation of devices and scenes of SONOFF products.

A faster way to control your SONOFF devices? For example, lift your smartphone and bring it closer to SONOFF NFC Tag!

You can use the NFC Tag to control SONOFF devices individually or via scene because each NFC Tag can be set to a smart scene. The NFC Tag has an adhesive base and it is possible to paste it on the wall or wherever you prefer.

Touch the NFC tag with your phone to turn on the lights, open the gate, turn on the boiler, etc. with extreme ease. And you can easily carry it and use it wherever you want.


One touch is enough to operate a device

Each NFC Tag can be set to a smart scene. The NFC adhesive label can be glued to the wall or to any surface that we consider comfortable.

Bring your NFC smartphone close to the SONOFF NFC Tag to turn on the lights with ease.


It can also be a carry-on or a sticker.

You can move the SONOFF NFC Tag and use it wherever you want.

Whatever request you set, the SONOFF NFC Tag helps you achieve your goal.


Share the scene created with NFC with other users or family members through share home, so they can enjoy the convenience of SONOFF NFC Tag with you.

Quality and functionality are guaranteed by the SONOFF brand.


The configuration of the SONOFF NFC Tag is really very simple and is done through the eWeLink app, since version 4.19.0 this feature has been added.

The contents of the package are two adhesive NFC Tags placed on a plastic card that can also be used in case we need the tag in card format.


SONOFF NFC Tag is a very useful and innovative product with a very simple and proven technology for years, as always SONOFF simplifies our life!

This blog post was originally written by Michele Sammuri. Thanks a lot for his authorization. The original is here: https://domofacile.altervista.org/nfc-tag/