SONOFF NSPanel Pro is a smart home control panel that integrates all your devices and scenes for control.

NSPanel pro封面

Your smart lights, switches, heaters, coolers, curtains and all your smart devices can be controlled. An unlimited number of devices can be added and controlled, all in one panel.

NSPanel Pro can quickly add Zigbee devices to the screen. The standard Zigbee 3.0 protocol makes the connection more stable and the coverage wider.

nspanel pro- zigbee devices

It supports all SONOFF Zigbee devices such as Zigbee, ZBMINI and BASICZBR3 sensors.

NSPanel Pro can be used as a display to view what the associated cameras film and in addition to those produced by SONOFF it is also compatible with devices produced by other manufacturers.

Combined with SONOFF devices it is able to monitor energy consumption, temperature and humidity.

nspanel pro

There is the possibility of customizing the background and being used as an intercom with the smart camera.

nspanel pro call

In the future, it will update more and more features and will support home assistants and especially Matter, a new communication system that will allow devices of different brands to interact with each other and work in a single home automation system.

NSPanel Pro will become an indispensable product for our smart home.

The size and shape of NSPanel Pro is unfortunately not compatible with the 503 boxes that we have in Italy except with some adaptation to the plates and/or borders. SONOFF offfers us a solution with the specially created table stand. It is useful as an accessory. With the table stand, you can put the panel on any table.

The video below shows characteristics and operation of the NSPanel Pro.

NSPanel Pro has an acoustic box (speaker) positioned at the bottom of the frame where you can listen when used as an intercom and for alarms. At the top of the frame, there is a small hole which is the microphone and next to it a brightness sensor.

SONOFF NSPanel Pro has multilingual support and the connections are really simple as there is no further command on the device, it only needs electricity.

In the following videos, we can see the unboxing of the SONOFF NSPanel Pro and the table stand.

The association with the eWeLink app is very simple and takes place by scanning a QR code that appears on the screen of the NSPanel Pro from the app itself.

In conclusion what to say… SONOFF NSPanel Pro is an innovative product that contains the functions necessary to manage the home automation of our home in a simple and effective way without neglecting design and technology.

    NSPanel Pro helps us to better manage our devices and our smart life.

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