The continuous advancement of smart home technology has brought forth greater convenience and comfort to our lives. In this era of smart living, the innovative DUALR3 multifunctional dual-channel power metering switch stands out with its various operating modes and outstanding functionalities, offering users an unprecedented experience of smart home living.


Switch Mode — Traditional Switch Transformation

Under the switch mode of DUALR3, you can upgrade conventional switches into a smart control center, creating numerous intelligent scenarios:

  • Smart Lighting Control: Revamp the conventional double-key switch in your living room by installing DUALR3. Now, you can effortlessly control the main light in the living room and the small light in the dining room via a smartphone app or voice assistant. For instance, a simple command upon entering your home triggers automatic lighting, creating a comfortable ambiance.
  • Scheduled Scene Settings: Utilize DUALR3‘s scheduling feature to preset different lighting scenes. For instance, automatically turning off bedroom lights at a specific time each night, aiding in a relaxed transition into sleep, offering a smart and comfortable sleeping environment.
  • Convenient Remote Control: When you’re away from home and forgot to turn off the lights, worry not. DUALR3 allows remote control of home lighting via a smartphone app, ensuring energy savings while providing maximum convenience.
  • Multi-device Linkage: Connect DUALR3 with smart speakers, smart plugs, and other devices. Through scenario settings, achieve one-touch switching and synchronized music playback, enhancing the intelligence of your home.

Motor Mode — Upgrading Traditional Motors

Under the motor mode, DUALR3 offers diverse scenarios beyond controlling smart curtains:

  • Smart Daily Schedules: With the first rays of sunlight in the morning, your blinds silently open, ushering in a fresh start to the day. At sunset, they automatically close, creating a private and cozy home atmosphere.
  • Adjustable Percentage Settings: Customize the opening percentage of blinds based on different time frames. For example, during hot afternoons, set the curtains to partially open, ensuring a cool and comfortable indoor environment.
  • Secure Smart Monitoring: Check the status of your blinds remotely via a smartphone app at night or when away from home. Even when you’re not physically present, real-time monitoring of household devices provides added security and peace of mind.
  • Diverse Device Connectivity: Link DUALR3 with smart air conditioners, smart cameras, etc., enabling coordinated operations. For instance, when blinds close, the air conditioner automatically activates, maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.

Meter Mode — Monitoring Power Consumption

DUALR3‘s meter mode offers increased smart possibilities for managing household appliance usage, creating varied scenarios:

  • Smart Energy Management: Set daily electrical usage thresholds for home appliances. Once the set value is reached, DUALR3 automatically shuts off the appliance, making smart management a part of your lifestyle. For example, when the heater’s electricity consumption reaches the preset value, DUALR3 automatically turns it off.
  • Scheduled Energy-saving Mode: Use DUALR3‘s timer feature to schedule the automatic shutdown of air conditioners, water heaters, etc., preventing unnecessary energy wastage. For instance, set the air conditioner to turn off before bedtime, saving on energy costs.
  • Real-time Energy Consumption Monitoring: Monitor household electrical usage in real-time via a smartphone app, comprehensively understanding energy consumption data and making rational adjustments. Viewing power consumption data on your phone provides a clearer understanding of energy consumption at home, facilitating intelligent energy-saving management.
  • Automated Scenario Settings: Combine daily habits and routines to establish intelligent scenarios. For example, during weekdays, control the lighting power consumption within a set range, reducing unnecessary electricity usage.

Through these vibrant and diverse usage scenarios, the DUALR3 multifunctional dual-channel power detection switch showcases its robust functionalities and potential in the realm of smart homes, bringing users greater convenience and comfort in their household living.