As a smart panel with a built-in Zigbee gateway function, NSPanel Pro can add the Zigbee devices and activate home security mode. In order to allow NSPanel Pro to support third-party sub-devices to the greatest extent, we continue to improve and optimize the Zigbee performance of NSPanel Pro, hoping to bring you a better smart home experience. In the latest V1.3.3 update, we have optimized the Zigbee framework, with better compatibility and stability, and can add more types and manufacturers of Zigbee sub-devices. This post will show some of our test results and the possibility to add third-party devices.

What tests about NSPanel Pro’s Zigbee ability did we do

To test the stability of NSPanel Pro, we added a maximum of 128 sub-devices. Adhere the test conditions and kept observing the sub-devices status. Some of the test results are as follows:
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NSPanel Pro supports adding all kinds of SONOFF Zigbee devices, while using the essential functions, you can use the special functions of these devices. Besides, we tested some third-party devices as well, which can also be added to NSPanel Pro and work as expected. Below is a list of tested devices we offer:
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In addition to the above-mentioned actual tested and supported devices, we will support zigbee3.0 certified switches, sockets, bulbs, temperature and humidity sensors, and IAS security sensor devices. After this update, we have revised the discovery rules of Zigbee devices, so that NSPanel Pro has better support for third-party devices.

How to add a Zigbee device and generate commands

A device that has obtained Zigbee 3.0 certification must meet the specific clusters required by the Zigbee alliance certificated product compliance.

The cluster is a specification defining one or more attributes, commands, behaviors, and dependencies, that support an independent utility or application function. The term may also be used for the implementation or instance of such a specification on an endpoint.
Since these devices meet different clusters, we can add these 3.0-certified devices to NSPanel Pro according to the cluster capabilities of the devices. and retain their most basic abilities. Now we support the following clusters:
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The process of adding Zigbee device is as follows: 1. Make Zigbee device enters pairing mode, NSPanel Pro will search for and discover it. 2. Depending on the Device Type, we consider it a standard device such as a switch, plug, light, temperature sensor, IAS security sensor, or Curtain. 3. Then we will further retrieve the cluster that the device has, and generate the corresponding capabilities that can be controlled. For example, the Color dimmable light has the “Color control” cluster, so it can be adjusted color in NSPanel Pro. In this way, the certified Zigbee 3.0 devices can be added and controlled in NSPanel Pro.

Which Device Types in CSA can be added in NSPanel Pro

NSPanel Pro supports adding a Zigbee switch, plug, light, temperature sensor, IAS security sensor, and Curtain.
According to different functions, usage methods, and product forms, these devices have corresponding Device types in CSA. You can visit the link and check:

Here is the Zigbee device type list we considered that NSPanel Pro supported.

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Note: The other branded Zigbee devices may not be fully compatible with NSPanel Pro due to their own private protocols, please be subject to the actual.

If you are using a third-party Zigbee sub-device and encounter the situation that the device has obtained Zigbee 3.0 certification, but cannot be added to NSPanel Pro, please report your problem at the link below. We will try our best to meet your requirements and let you get a better user experience.