Why no app or voice?

Many users control their smart homes using the mobile app or voice command, so this requires the mobile phones are taken with them all the time or an appropriate distance between them and smart speakers like Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. However, you may have to work on the computer all day? It’s always inconvenient to reach your mobile phone? Or hard to speak to the smart speaker?  

Then, what will you do if you want to turn on the light on one of the above occasions? A keyboard shortcut can exactly address this issue for you.

Controllable Function – Smart Scene

At this time, eWeLink designed a powerful new software called “eWeLink Keyboard” that provides a quick way to trigger Manual Scene with a keyboard shortcut on your PC or Mac. This means you can make the devices connected to SONOFF activated in the way of smart scenes using a single press of TWO or THREE keys.

For example, when you immerse yourself in your pile of work and even don’t wanna step out to turn on the light at the dusk, it’s time to try the new keyboard shortcut to turn on the light in a quick press on your PC.

How eWeLink keyboard shortcut control SONOFF devices

Let’s assume you have got the SONOFF device paired with eWeLink app.

  1. Download eWeLink keyboard here.
  2. Create a Manual Scene in eWeLink app. (Here we create a scene for 4CHPROR3 that channel 3 will be turned off and channel 3. will be turned on when we tap the scene to run.)
  3. Log in with your eWeLink account, and then you will see there are a few blanks where you can enter the character to create the shortcut as you need. Here, we create a shortcut using “Alt+Q” as an example.

*For the users with a Free account and an Advanced account, there are two different keyboard shortcut pages available. The user with a Free account can only create 1 shortcut, and the user with an Advanced account can create 6 shortcuts. You can refer to eWeLink Advanced plan for more functions.

4. Link the manual scene to shortcut on eWeLink app. Go back to the manual scene on eWeLink app and you will see a small icon with “Ctrl+” and “e ❀”. Tap on “Link a manual scene” with the created “Alt+Q”.

5. Enable the scene that we created, tap save. Now the manual scene has been linked to eWeLink keyboard shortcut. Enable the scene on eWeLink keyboard on PC. Now, try to trigger the scene with the shortcut “Alt+Q”.


  • Can I log in to multiple eWeLink Keyboards on different PC/Mac?

Yes, you can log in to multiple eWeLink Keyboards on different PC/Mac using the same eWeLink account.

  • Does it control the single device or group of devices?

No, so far only the scene can be controlled with eWeLink keyboard.

  • Can I set the keyboard shortcuts using any keys?

Only the form of combination keys is supported to be the shortcut. A shortcut can combine up to 3 keys, including at least 1 function key and 1 access key. So you can use 1 function key + 1 access key or 2 function keys + 1 access key.

1 function key + 1 access key
Shift+ A, Shift+ =, Shift+Right, Shift+ Home…

2 function keys + 1 access key
Alt + Ctrl + 5…

Windows system:

Function Key: Alt, Ctrl, Shift.
Access Key: F1-F12, numbers (1-0), letters, symbols, direction, special keys (Home, Insert, PageUp, PageDown, Delete, End, enter, backspace, space).

Mac system:

Function Key: Command (⌘), Option (⌥), Shift (↑), Control (∧).

Access Key: F1-F12, numbers (1-0), letters, symbols, direction, special keys (Home, Insert, PageUp, PageDown, Delete, End, enter, backspace, space).

  • Can I receive the push notification on the eWeLink keyboard?

Yes, just enable the “Message Notification” on eWeLink keyboard and eWeLink app