eWeLink What’s New for iOS 3.10.0

Release Date:2019.08.20

What’s new of eWeLink iOS 3.10.0:

1. Sharing optimization: Support sharing with WeChat friends, support multiple devices sharing.

2. Scene optimization: Support adding a schedule timer as the triggering condition.

3. Optimize the response speed of switch&socket.

4. Partial function descriptions optimization.

5. Support “inching” for 4ch pro.

6. Other App bugs fixed and optimizations.

5 Replies to “eWeLink What’s New for iOS 3.10.0”

  1. Lutfi


    After this upgrade I have frequent “Network unavailable” messages from my SONOFF POW R2 and CH4 switches. However the basic and RF switches work fine. I am on slt.lk service . However when I changed to dialog.lk or their data package it works fine. I called them and requested them to parse cn-long.coolkit.cc and api.coolkit.cc but they did not seem to understand

  2. Mad Max


    How to download this version of the program ?! The new one doesn’t suit me at all …

  3. igor


    Hi guys!

    I bought my first sonoff and hope it is an amazing experience!

    I still can’t match my sonoff. Apparently in the gadget everything is ok.

    But the iOS app (iphone X) can’t select “wifi name”. There is no option for my network and I can’t even click on it. The only field I can select is “password”.

    I was able, through the FAQ, to create a wifi network through sonoff (hold 5 sec, hold 5 sec again). But after connecting my iphone to sonoff, I don’t know what to do anymore.


  4. German Dulanto


    Does the camera app works with IOS phone devices?

  5. Jose



    Tha app in ios 13 doesn’t support select the ssid, so user can not paring the device to our LAN.
    Are you going to fix it soon?

    Thanks in advance

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