eWelink What’s New For Android 3.12.0 

Release Date:2019.10.08

Some Updates in eWelink Android 3.12.0 for SONOFF Devices:

1. The 433 RF gateway now can exit learning mode automatically.
2. Support multiple light bulb devices as a group to control(only L1 currently)
3. Other App bugs fixed and optimizations.

Other Updates for Non-SONOFF devices:

1.New device
New RGB five-colors lamp, Smart Circuit Breaker
2.Device upgrade
2.1 The opening and closing of the door sensor(Not DW1, another separate device) can be used as the scene trigger condition and send push notification. 
2.2 New model of the eWeLink IoT camera supports tripod head function
3.App Optimization:
“About eWeLink” section update.

12 Replies to “eWelink What’s New For Android 3.12.0 ”

  1. John Desmond


    Is there another way to upgrade to version 3.12.0 other than Google Playstore?

    I’m at version 3.11.0 and I’m not given an option to upgrade when using Playstore, nor does anything appear within eWeLink to upgrade the app on my Android…

    Thank you.

  2. Mauricio


    Open close state doesnt work for DW1

  3. Janis Lielmanis


    Good afternoon. I purchased a TH-16. Works fine, but in eWeLink I only see temperature measurement. The humidity measurement is represented by a relative graph line. Is it also possible to see the exact moisture measurement?

  4. spiderxp


    when can you fully use the bridge, just like any other product? like the widget .. so that you can also have the on and off button. and in IFFT it would also be easy to save log files independently on a cloud, server, mail, etc.

  5. Kevin


    Sure would be nice in eWeLink / Device Settings / Notifications for operations on device and shared account, if the notification sent could also contain the time the event happened

  6. Pedro Cabral


    Hello Sonoff guys, I would like to suggest a product for a very important application, a kind of “Sonoff” to control water level in water chests, by height level sensors etc, it would be great to control by apicativa, this mode, know if the Waterboxes are full, or empty at a distance.
       Knowing if the water pump is working properly would avoid having to climb stairs to be looking often.
    This application would be very good for buildings, condominiums, industries and homes in general.

    Thank you very much!!
    Att: Pedro Cabral.
    Sao Paulo / Capital

  7. Marcin


    In android 9 i can’t add my 3-way TX0 wallswitch to widgets. Can You fix it?
    Thank You very much

  8. José Luis Domínguez


    Hola, he comprado el interruptor 2CH Smart Switch , tras realizar todos los pasos, e intentar conectar el interruptor presionando el boton “Paring” durante el tiempo indicando, el LED rojo no parpadea.
    Pueden indicarme cual es el problema. Gracias

  9. Tony Veale


    I much prefer the old version of the app. The new version doesn’t sort switches in alphabetic oder and is much less reliable in turning on and off. The old version was great because it was simple and easy to use.

    Can I have the choice of which Ewelink version of the iPhone ap I can use.

  10. Rami


    Recently the ewelink IFTTT link option was dropped.
    I was using it for controlling multiple Sonoff devices by my iPhone shortcuts.
    Before I’ll replace all my devices to a different brand that supports IOS, is there a plan for a new firmware to support IOS?



  11. Mohamed Saeed


    Please send to me price list

    1. lvan chen


      you can visit itead.cc

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