Smart Scene Wall Switch


Featured by powerful sensors and processors,
NSPanel gives you seamless control over your
smart electrical appliances at home in multiple
interactive ways.

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All-in-One Multifunctional Control Center on HMI Panel

NSPanel provides you with centralized smart control over your home appliances,
whether smart lighting, smart temperature control, scenario-based combination or group control.
Automate your home via just one tap on Multifunctional HMI panel.

NSPanel integrates four ways of control:
HMI touch screen, dual-channel switch, voice control and App-control
offering ultra convenience in close, middle or long distance.

Close Distance

A convenient combination of HMI
smart touch panel and dual-channel
wall switch. Suitable for
close-distance control over
brightness, room temperature and

Middle Distance

Super intelligent and sensitive voice
control for home automation via Alexa,
Google Assistant or Alice.

Long Distance

Smart control your home via
eWeLink App with its multinational
features even at outdoors.

Multifunctional Central Control

One tap to control various smart home
combination on HMI panel

VOICE Control

Control the relays of NSPanel
through Alexa, Google Assistant or Alice

Convenient Group Control

Easy and quick. Control
your home appliances in groups

Dual-channel Wall Switch

Automate your home appliances
by precise and efficient control

Smart Temp-Control

Automatic temperature
monitoring and adjusting

Responsive Voice Control

Keep devices standby! Automate your regular
home appliances into simple voice-control,
via Alexa, Alice or Google Assistant.

Coming Soon on Kickstarter!

Subscribe and become our backer at super early bird!

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