Apple Watch is primarily used for fitness and health tracking but it can also be extended to remotely control your smart home devices, even easier than mobile phones. You can already pack your smart home into your mobile phone since SONOFF smart devices access your home. It’s pretty easy and convenient for homeowners to remotely manage their own smart houses with a simple and smart solution.

Today, a new update for the control way of SONOFF smart devices comes to you that you can now control your home appliances on your Apple Watch – SONOFF smart devices can be synchronized to your Apple Watch for easier control.  Whether you’re home or away, you have control over your house right on your wrist. If you have an Apple Watch, you will be amazed at this new change for SONOFF this time.

*At this time, there are SONOFF single-gang smart switches and plugs, TH16 WiFi Smart Switch with Temperature and Humidity Monitoring, and NSPanel Smart Scene Touch-screen Wall Switch.

What are the features of SONOFF that your Apple Watch can access? In this article, you will be highlighted to have a look at the Apple Watch-supported features.

On Apple Watch, you can control:

Separate control of devices

Trigger smart scenes

Group control

Siri shortcut control

Separate control of device – Like the smart control of SONOFF smart devices on your mobile phone, the SONOFF devices under your eWeLink account can be added to your Apple Watch to control easily. Your home appliance connected with SONOFF can be turned on and off on your Apple Watch with a simple tap. In SONOFF, only single gang smart devices are supported to add for smart control by far.

Trigger smart scenes – This allows you to create smart scenes to trigger your SONOFF devices on or off through the condition of “Tap to perform” on the Apple Watch. When a smart scene is set well in eWeLink app, you will be able to make the smart scene performed via tapping on your Apple Watch.

Group control – To make all of your home appliances respond to you at the same time, it’s a nice option to organize them into a group to control. Now on Apple Watch, you can group all your home appliances connected with SONOFF smart devices to switch on and off at once. Simply tap on your Apple Watch to do.

Siri shortcut control – Controlling your lights or smart devices is just a few taps away with a tap on your Apple Watch. However, with the Siri shortcut, you can even easily access your smart homes. Just invoke Siri and say the command that you have set to wake your devices up.
Go to the article end to watch a video to learn about how to control SONOFF via Siri shortcut.

Final word

With Apple Watch, it’s quite easy and quick to control your smart home appliances. Because it is literally on your person. From separate control of smart devices, one-tap trigger smart devices, control a group of devices to invoking Siri to make your devices work, you can even do much more than fitness and health tacking using Apple Watch. So far, only single gang SONOFF smart devices, TH16 WiFi Smart Switch with Temperature and Humidity Monitoring and NSPanel Smart Scene Wall Switch are supported to add and control on Apple Watch. More supported device types will be developed in the future, stay tuned.

Be sure to update your eWeLink app into the level of V4.9.0 or later and Apple Watch into the level of V4.0 or later.