Amazon officially releases a new feature about amping up the sustainable business, called energy dashboard, aimed to give users a clear view of how much energy of their Alexa- and Echo-activated smart devices are drawing and help better manage the electricity usage in the Alexa app. This new release, meanwhile, exactly responds to The Climate Pledge that Amazon promises to reach net zero carbon by 2040. The update also offers users a good opportunity to build up their smart and sustainable houses in the way that makes a positive impact on the planet.

SONOFF, as one of the excellent smart home manufacturers, is excited to announce now that our S31 Wi-Fi Smart Plug and IW100 Wi-Fi Smart In-wall Socket, IW101 Wi-Fi Smart In-wall Switch, POWR2 Wi-Fi Smart Switch with Energy Monitoring takes a place in Alexa’s recommended “plugs and switches” category. Besides, the energy dashboard allows users to monitor and manage energy consumed by more Alexa- and Echo-compatible smart device types like lights, thermostats, heat waters and TVs, to help them save energy in daily life.

So what’s the specific usage of the energy dashboard? Here, let’s outline it in these aspects:

Real-timely track the energy consumption of your devices.

In currently smart devices, not each of them is designed with energy tracking. Now with the energy dashboard, you are capable of tracking and checking the energy consumption of smart devices compatible with Alexa or Echo all in one place – Alexa app. Here, you can have a specific overview of whether your existing smart devices support the energy dashboard from the “compatible devices” page on Amazon website. To ensure you a clear understanding in advance, you can access here to check the specific supported brands and device types.

Instantly report and sync the energy consumption in the Alexa app.

Once your device’s energy usage is monitored, their real-time energy consumption data will be reported and synced on the energy dashboard in the Alexa app. And with that, you can see a diagram that shows how many hours have your device run. The feature allows you to check the energy consumption that your devices consumed per day, week or month. This power data is reflected as a diagram form which you can make a comparison based on the daily, weekly or monthly consumption trend to set the corresponding routine to manage your electricity bills, to help save energy on your smart devices.

In the energy dashboard, you have the option to have the power data tracked and reported in real-time or estimated by the parameters that you preset.

Provide better energy usage suggestions for your devices.

Through the energy dashboard, Alexa can save your energy usage habits before per day, week or month, and then offers you better energy usage recommendations. Plus, along with Alexa’s built-in “routine” feature, you can make the light automatically turn on when the sun sets and turn off when the sun rises, so you will always keep a lower energy consumption level and a low-carbon lifestyle.

How to use energy consumption?

  1. Download the latest Alexa app or update your Alexa app to the latest version.
  2. Launch Alexa app and tap “Devices” on the bottom right corner of the homepage.

3. Navigate to the energy dashboard.

4. Enter the specific parameters of your Alexa- or Echo-supported device based on the prompt

5. Energy tracking is enabled. Now you can check and manage the energy usage condition of the device.


The Alexa energy dashboard is easy to help you monitor and manage your device’s energy usage using your mobile phone, letting you understand the energy usage of your device better at every moment, convenient for you to set up a plan to reduce your monthly electricity bills.

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*The energy dashboard is now used in US region only.