Smart home products provided the convenience and high-efficiency that enables homeowners the ability to manage their home on a mobile app. With the smart home products and ecosystems being more well-developed and well-connected, one of the biggest troubles is having to copy with a bunch of various mobile apps, and take out constantly your phone to operate them one by one. Speaking of smart control, voice commands from Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri are considered as an easier way to help wake up your home appliances, but sometimes they’re often not smooth and even make homeowners frustrated on the virtual assistant’s imperfection once in a while.

At this time, we SONOFF introduces a clever alternative to mobile apps and voice control is NSPanel – a smart scene wall switch. On Nov. 11th at Kickstarter, SONOFF officially released NSPanel smart scene wall switch with a touch panel that is designed to offer homeowners a quick access to their most-used smart home products through a wall-mounted HMI touch screen panel. Until now, NSPanel was released only about half a month ago, a new feature has come to it – Seamlessly compatible with Philips Hue smart lighting. At this moment, your Philips Hue smart bulbs can be connected to NSPanel and controlled through the stylish and high-sensitive touch panel.

The panel is tablet-like and acts as a dual-channel smart switch with a modern look. For Philips Hue and eWeLink  App control which the panel picks both the apps and hides them in a panel, getting them replaced using simple icons for weather, temperature, lighting, on/off, etc. With NSPanel touch-screen wall switch, you can put your home in a place to control with a simple tap, from SONOFF and eWeLink wall switches, smart plugs, smart LED lights, smart bulbs to Philips Hue smart bulbs.

This article will mainly cover how to connect control your Philips Hue lightings on NSPanel.  We will start with the 3 parts below:

  • How to connect Philips Hue smart bulb to Philips Hue App ?
  • How to control Philips Hue smart bulb on eWeLink App?
  • How to control Philips Hue smart bulb on NSPanel?

Things Need to Prepare:


eWeLink App *1

Philips Hue App *1

Hue Bridge *1

Philips Hue smart bulb *1

How to connect Philips Hue smart bulb to Philips Hue App?

  1. Download eWeLink, Philips Hue App on iOS or Android phone.  
  2. Plug in your Hue Bridge to power, plug the cable to into  your Wi-Fi router. Ensure your Hue Bridge be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Launch Philips Hue App. ①Tap “Get Started” >> ②Continue>>③Start setup>>④Search.
  4. Short press the button on the Hue Bridge to connect make it found. ⑤Continue>> ⑥That’s all>>⑦Done.

5. Access Philips Hue App.  ⑧Find “…” at the upper-right corner and tap, ⑨tap “Add lights”, then  tap⑩“ Use serial number” to ⑪enter the serial number of the bulb (Check on the bulb). ⑫Tap on the “+” icon.

6. ⑬ Go to “Search”, then wait until the bulb is found. ⑭Tap “Start Configuration”. ⑮The bulb is found successfully when you see it on Philips Hue App with a corresponding name (e.g. Hue color lamp x), then ⑯“Save”. ⑰Tap “Done”.

How to control Philips Hue smart bulb on eWeLink App?

  1. Launch eWeLink App. ①Find “+” at the bottom and tap. Tap ②“ Link Account”, ③select “Philips Hue”, ④Tap “Link with Philips Hue”. ⑤Enter your area and then ⑥proceed to “Next”. Then ⑦enter your Philips Hue account and password, ⑧then  tap  “Continue”.

2. Long press the button on Hue Bridge to link. ⑨Tap “Continue”.

3. ⑩Proceed to “Yes”, then ⑪tap “Sync devices”.

4. Short press the button on Hue Bridge to link . ⑫Select “Hue color lamp 3”. Now, you can control Philip Hue smart bulb on eWeLink App.⑬

How to control Philips Hue smart bulb on NSPanel?

  1. Pair NSPanel with eWeLink App. Click here to check how to pair NSPanel with eWeLink App.
  2. ①Access NSPanel control interface on eWeLink App. ②Find “…” at the upper-right corner and tap. ③Navigate to “Widgets”. ④Tap “Add”, ⑤select “Hue color lamp 3” and ⑥“Save”.

 3. Now, you can control Philip Hue smart bulb on NSPanel.

All is done, it’s time to experience the smart home with both SONOFF SNPanel touch-control panel and Philips Hue lighting. At this time, the Philips Hue device types that SONOFF NSPanel supports are cool&warm smart bulb and RGB smart blubs. You can turn on or off Philips Hue smart bulb, adjust the color of the light, dim the bulb and change the brightness on the panel.

Let’s end this article with a question! Why wouldn’t you get one NSPanel to control almost all the smart devices in your home?