The ZigBee Alliance, rebranded as the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), a global standard organization for IoT which is established, maintained and delivered open by hundreds of companies. Additionally, it has also announced a new brand that takes much of the limelight – Matter, for the Project Connected Home over IP (Project CHIP),  intended to reflect an extensive array of ways for smart home devices like smart plugs & switches, smart bulbs, smart locks, smart cameras, and more to talk among themselves.

SONOFF is partnering with Alexa and Google that commits to the Project CHIP program to roll out devices that support Matter.

The Project CHIP program will ensure interoperability of the various Connected Home over IP devices. simply put, if the Project CHIP technology is introduced to SONOFF devices, you can make them interact with other devices with different protocols in your home, making that as seamless as possible for you.

Whats the Project Connected Home over IP?

The Project Connected Home over IP is an open source project, also a working Group of leading Smart Home providers from in the world with the intent of developing an open and royalty-free connectivity standard for smart home devices.

The Project CHIP chooses IP for networking which is the most common network layer and this will allow to use standard IP technology for the future smart home. Its application layer runs on top of Wi-Fi for high bandwidth application and Thread for low power and low bandwidth application.

What are the benefits for users?

Increased choice & compatibility
Simplified setup & control
Strong security & privacy

Increased choice & compatibility

Why is SONOFF doing this right there? What I want to hit on is unification. Due to numbers of incompatible protocols, stacks and specifications, one of the key things that this project is addressing is to unify the IoT industry. For SONOFF devices with Project CHIP supported in the future, which will fit the bill that users are in a need for wider inclusiveness in IoT.

Have you ever experienced that when you chose the SONOFF smart device, you have to contend with:

  1. Will it work with your favorite smart home ecosystem?
  2. Can it be compatible with the current app on my mobile phone?
  3. Whether it can communicate with my other already deployed devices?

Simplified setup & control

Made your buying experience simplified and unified. If SONOFF devices get the CHIP certification, you will know it has a compatible standard that worked across the platforms and all shapes and sizes of devices. That means the “Matter” brand is intended to be a badge by which smart devices and smart home ecosystem interoperability can be checked.

Strong security & privacy

In the past, IoT security and privacy have often been a headache for everyone concerned. Our users worry about the security of their homes and their personal privacy, even struggle with complicated security steps.

However, SONOFF Matter-compatible devices will be designed to be comprehensive and strong. A strong security mechanism is built-in and managed over time. For example, When you bring Matter-compatible device into your home, you don’t have to enter your password into it. The Project Connected Home over IP makes security easy via automatically adding your device to your home network, providing get-notch security without you even knowing about it.

About the availability

A Matter-compatible device can work with Amazon, Google Assistant devices and SmartThings hub. The project promises IP-based connectivity through high bandwidth application Wi-Fi and low power and low bandwidth application Thread to allow devices to connect to each other. With Bluetooth Low Energy to make commissioning easier. Initially, Amazon, Google, Comcast, Nanoleaf, Huawei, Apple, SmartThings, IKEA, Somfy, Eve system, Silicon Labs and so on are the early adopters who joined the Project.

Devices targeted for launch include lighting and electrical, HVAC controls, safety and security, blinds/shades, TVs, Access Control, Access Points, bridges and more.  

Works together to Project CHIP with Amazon and Google, SONOFF devices will be not only compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant but interact with devices using those other protocols. Let’s wait for the launch of SONOFF Matter-compatible devices!