SONOFF’s First Matter product won the first in China’s ”Favorite Matter product”!


On November 22, 2023, the ‘Matter China Developer Conference 2023,’ hosted by CSA, was grandly held in Hangzhou. This gathering brought together top developers and leading brands in the smart home industry. At this significant event, SONOFF’s first Matter product — the MINI Extreme Wi-Fi Smart Switch — emerged as the top choice among various competitive brands such as Aqara, WiZ, Heiman, ZEMISMART, etc, securing the first in ‘Favorite Matter Product/Product Combination.’ This achievement is a testament to our ongoing innovation, dedication to quality, and the users’ recognition and appreciation of SONOFF products.


The MINI Extreme Wi-Fi Smart Switch, developed by SONOFF, caters to users’ needs for modifying traditional switches. This product has undergone thorough alignment with major platforms and continuous firmware optimizations to ensure optimal performance. Moreover, it has successfully obtained certifications from mainstream ecosystems like WWGH, WWA, WWAH, WWST, guaranteeing users the finest cross-ecosystem experience in the MATTER environment.

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The main venue of the developer conference hosted 16 captivating speeches, covering a review of Matter’s past year of development, the introduction of Matter 1.2 with its new updates, discussions on ecosystem integration, and in-depth insights into security implementation and SDK development. The highlight was the showcasing of the highly anticipated Matter Interoperability Wall 2.0, where SONOFF’s Matter products made their debut, attracting significant attention.


Furthermore, SONOFF’s exploration in the smart home industry extends beyond this accomplishment. Alongside the MINI Extreme Wi-Fi Smart Switch, SONOFF is actively researching and preparing the launch of Matter Wall Switches and Matter Plugs. In the future, more SONOFF products will join the Matter ecosystem, focusing on seamless interconnectivity with other brand devices to offer users an even smarter and more convenient smart home experience.

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SONOFF remains committed to driving the development of the Matter ecosystem, continuously expanding its product line to achieve broader interoperability. We’ll continue delivering innovation, convenience, and smart solutions to our users. We express our gratitude for your support and trust, and SONOFF will persist in its efforts to bring forth more innovative, convenient, and intelligent products and lifestyles for our users.