0. Introduction

eWeLink App, designed for controlling SONOFF smart home devices, making the power of smart scenes at your fingertips. With eWeLink’s Smart Scenes feature, you can create personalized automation and effortlessly control multiple devices simultaneously, transforming your home into a seamless and intelligent living space.

Smart Scenes allow you to define specific triggers and actions for your smart devices, enabling them to interact with each other intelligently. Whether it’s turning on the lights when you enter a room, adjusting the thermostat based on the time of day, or even activating a complete home security system, eWeLink’s Smart Scenes provide endless possibilities for customizing and enhancing your smart home experience.

Creating a Smart Scene is simple and intuitive within the eWeLink App. You can set up triggers based on various conditions such as time, device status, or sensor input. Once a trigger is activated, you can specify the desired actions for your connected devices, such as turning them on or off, adjusting their brightness or temperature, or even playing specific music.

So what can we do with the eWeLink smart scene? eWeLink App’s Smart Scenes feature offers a range of triggering conditions and actions to streamline and automate your smart home experience. Let’s explore the infinite possibilities of eWeLink Smart Scenes!

smart scene

1. If / Trigger Condition

Tap to perform

trigger action

When you add “Tap to perform” in the trigger condition, it means that you are creating a manual scene. The way to trigger the scene is by clicking it.

Time of Day


Set specific times of the day as triggers, allowing you to automate actions at predefined intervals. You can choose whether to repeat the timer or use it as a one-time event.


Utilize the sunrise or sunset time in your city as triggers. Additionally, you can set the trigger to occur at specific minutes before or after sunrise/sunset. Up to 30 minutes can be set.

Smart Devices

Integrate various compatible devices into your triggering conditions, enabling multi-task automation. You can select specific devices to execute actions based on their status or other factors.


If your phone supports NFC functionality, you can enable NFC in the eWeLink App’s “Profile” > “Pilot Features” section. Then add it as a triggering condition. By writing an NFC tag and placing your phone near it, you can trigger a smart scene.

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Multiple Conditions

When adding multiple triggering conditions, you can choose between “all conditions are met” and “any condition is met” to determine how the scene will be triggered. “all conditions are met” executes the actions only when all conditions are met, while “any condition is met” triggers the actions as soon as any of the conditions are met.

2. Then / That Actions

Smart Devices

In the execution actions, you can control a single smart device or even a group of devices. Since Version 4.30, you can assign a group as an execution action, expanding the automation possibilities.


By selecting ‘Delay’ in the actions, you can introduce a time delay before executing specific actions. You can choose whether the action is executed immediately or after a delay of XX minutes. This can be useful for creating timed sequences or allowing for a specific duration before an action is performed.

Smart Scenes

You can also set other smart scenes as execution actions. This includes running a “Perform manual scene” or enabling/disabling an “Auto scene.” By including scenes within actions, you can create more complex and interconnected automation.

Push Notifications

Receive notifications on your phone when a scene is triggered. This can provide real-time updates on the status changes of your devices or the execution of your automation.

3. Additional Scene Features

Siri Shortcut

You can add the scene to Siri Shortcut for voice control. Tap ‘Add to Siri’, and select the scene you set to add to the shortcut. Just say a voice command and the smart scene will automatically perform.

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Scene Duplication

Easily create new scenes with similar conditions or actions by duplicating existing scenes, saving you time and effort.

Click any scene in the App, and then click the ‘…’ icon in the upper right corner, a card will appear, as shown in the following picture:

Scene Search

Find specific scenes quickly by searching for keywords in the scene names.

Click the Search icon in the upper right corner on the ‘Scene’ page, and enter the keywords you want to search.

Scene Sharing

Share scenes with family members or colleagues by sharing your home, allowing them to synchronize and control all shared scenes.

share the scene

4. Create Advanced Smart Scenes

Once you are familiar with the basic functions of eWeLink scenes, you can explore creating advanced smart scenes. Let’s consider an example:

Suppose you have a daily scene that automatically turns on your coffee machine at 7:30 am on weekdays. However, when you go on a week-long trip, you don’t want the coffee machine to turn on during that period. In this case, you can create a second scene that includes the first scene as an execution action and disables it.

Example Scenes

Scene 1: Making Coffee

Trigger: Timer (7:30 AM)

Action: Turn on coffee machine

Scene 2: Stop Making Coffee

Trigger: Tap to perform

Action: Add Scene 1 to actions, then disable Scene 1 (Turn off automation)

Feel free to share your innovative ideas for advanced scenes with us!

With eWeLink Smart Scenes, you can simplify and automate your smart home, making it more convenient and tailored to your needs.