SONOFF in Egypt – HD for import and export

Exclusive Distributor in Egypt: HD Group for import & export

HD Group applies SONOFF smart home devices to various projects, including architecture building, smart elevators, irrigation systems, water station solution and home assistant, etc.

All efforts made by HD Group are to grow together with SONOFF brand, in order to bring more convenient intelligent life to users and offer more Egyptian to enjoy smarter and simpler lifestyle.

A special office – Villa model materialization, HD group changed the switch in a villa to SONOFF smart home devices.

Marketing Activities

HD Group establishing a partnership agreement with a company specialized in the field of advertising to develop ways to sell the product in innovative ways through Facebook and Instagram.


Exhibitions/Conferences/Training Activities

Holding many Conferences, Exhibitions and Training courses necessary to introduce the product throughout the country.

Ahlan Madares Exhibition (Government Smart Home Expo).

Exhibition for Interior Design and Decoration Company.

LED Middle East Expo 2021.

Cairo Chamber of Commerce event.

Behera Training.

Nars City Training.

Distributors Meeting

Distributor Company Introduction And its Address

HD Group is an Egyptian shareholding company. Has been a pioneer in the field of integrated security systems since 2006. The company also carries out the work of lighting and intelligent home systems and remote control as well as after-sales service distinguished by the presence of a team of engineers and technicians and the highest level of efficiency and the experience adopted in the work of installation and maintenance using the most advanced methods In the following areas

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  1. Surveillance cameras and recorders
  2. Follow-up and attendance devices.
  3. Access control devices
  4. Fire alarm systems.
  5. Security gates.
  6. Burglar Alarms (Wired – Wireless)
  7. Electronic material control devices.
  8. Modern lighting systems

Address: Sonoff Egypt New Cairo, First New Cairo, Egyp
Tel: +2 010 9832 7626