Like every year, SONOFF Argentina was once again the sponsor of the event for Electrical Installer’s Day 2023, carried out by their friends from @AAIERIC ( ), the Argentine Association of Electrical Installers.

SONOFF Argentina received many visitors at the stand, where they exhibited the entire line of products explaining operations and different applications for each of the equipment.

Visitors had the opportunity to interact with the equipment and use it to become familiar with it.

In addition, SONOFF Argentina has presented the new arrivals and explained their new functionalities and applications.

SONOFF Argentina believes that it is very important for electricians to know the products since they are the ones who can offer them to their clients and give added value to end clients by offering them cutting-edge technology for their home.

The highlight was the raffle, where all participants and new arrivals had the opportunity to win exciting prizes.

The event was an overwhelming success, and SONOFF Argentina was grateful for everyone’s participation!

SONOFF Argentina Always Present!

Other Companies that join the exhibition with SONOFF Argentina:

Get to know Interactive Stand

SONOFF Argentina has received many visits from professional installers and electricians interested in SONOFF products and they have been able to interact, configure and become familiar with SONOFF devices thanks to the interactive stand that allows them to access all the SONOFF devices in operation.

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Installers in the Value Chain

We believe that installers are precisely the most important link in the product value chain since they are the ones who can offer end customers the option of giving added value to their facilities and improving the quality of life of their customers.

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Giveaways During the Exhibition Day

As it could not be missed, raffles were held where everyone participated in the concurrent ones. Visitors were very interested in the new products and applications of SONOFF products. All your queries have been answered interactively and in fact many visitors have left us many good comments. SONOFF Argentina was one of the most interesting and interactive stands.


SONOFF Always Present

SONOFF ARGENTINA SRL is proud to participate in this event and we thank our distributors for joining us in this event and the directors of AAIERIC for trusting SONOFF Argentina every year. SONOFF Argentina is confident that this synergy will continue to improve year after year. Thank you so much to all the participants!

SONOFF Argentina maintains its commitment to empowering users and transforming Argentine homes into smart, efficient and comfortable living spaces.

SONOFF is what Argentines need to have a smarter and easier life!

Here are the new year presents they do every year for SONOFF customers and providers:

Here is a short video of this event: