First Smart Home project in Paraguay: Mobile Zone




First Smart Home project in Paraguay: Mobile Zone


From May 15th, customers will be able to have the complete experience of a Smart Home.

 Mobile Zone promoted a unique and innovative project, for which it hired a team of 2 engineers and 2 architects to create an expected automation of a home equipped with the Sonoff intelligent system. It is the first time that a project like this has been presented in a brand distributor in Paraguay.

Any Mobile Zone customer can check the Smart Home experiences model, represented in a standard house model, showing 28 ways to make the desired space smart. This exhibition is located in the Mobile Zone store, located in the Jebai Gallery, in Ciudad del Este.

Mobile Zone Project

    The project is a miniature of a residence with 28 components connected to an electrical network activated and controlled by Sonoff technology, where it is possible to control all sectors of the house, such as lighting, heating, electronics, security, refrigeration, electrical appliances, sound devices and multimedia, that is, watering the garden, lights, air conditioning, electric gate, television, coffee maker, video game, door sensors, all these devices are working in an automated way, through the application or voice command.


The management of Mobile Zone believes that the future will be even smarter, this being a unique opportunity to understand all the operation and possibilities of a Sonoff smart home.

We hope you can experience this innovative idea!


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