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DC 5V/2A Adapter

Ideal for DC 5V power supply products like SONOFF L3 Strip Light Series, Cam Slim, RF BridgeR2 433, ZB Bridge Pro and ZB Bridge, etc. Available in Type A/B, Type E/F, Type G and Type I.

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SONOFF NFC Tag – Tap to trigger any smart scene set by your phone. It can be pasted or carried to any place. NTAG 215 Chip with 540 bytes capacity.

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SONOFF R5 is a 6-key free-wiring scene remote controller that can be added to eWeLink-Remote gateway to control all devices in eWeLink APP using three trigger ways in Scene.

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8-button RF433 remote controller, suitable for all devices with 433MHz, better satisfy your needs.

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MS01 Manuals Buy Now Smart Soil Moisture SensorTH Elite/Origin accessory Know the Growing...

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