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SNZB-06P Firmware Upgrade and Home Assistant Operation Guide

This article will introduce recent feature optimizations for SNZB-06P Human Presence Sensor, including: Optimization of detection duration, How to configure sensitivity and detection duration on ZHA & Z2M, How to update firmware on ZHA & Z2M and Some ongoing optimizations that are still in progress.

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Connect Adjustable Desks to SONOFF 4CHPROR3 and Home Assistant

Upgrade your adjustable desk without breaking the bank! While many models come with pricey Bluetooth controls, there’s a cost-effective DIY solution that brings your desk into the realm of smart home technology. This beginner’s guide unveils the steps to connect your adjustable desk to a smart home platform using SONOFF 4CHPROR3 smart relay. Discover how to control your adjustable desk affordably and seamlessly integrate it into your smart home setup.

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Electrical Management with SONOFF POW Elite on Jeedom

SONOFF POW Elite smart power meter can monitor and manage your home appliances’ power consumption. You can control it in the App at any time, which helps you save energy. How to integrate it into your Jeedom home automation? Let’s view this article step by step.

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