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Works with IFTTT Instruction Guide

IFTTT is a platform whose name is short for “if this, then that.”What’s the meaning? you can understand it like this, “if this” is equivalent to a trigger, “then that” is an action. And this platform performs a set of conditional activities by built-in applets and supports different apps, services, and devices, providing great custom capabilities in a uniquely flexible way.

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Works with Home Connect Plus Instruction Guide

Home Connect Plus is an app for central and intuitive control of your smart home. The app connects and automates a variety of smart home devices and systems from different brands. Now it supports SONOFF devices, you can expand your SONOFF set-up with numerous devices and entire systems across manufacturers on Home Connect Plus app.

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The Google Home APP is developed by Google to centrally set up, manage and control devices such as Google Nest, Google Wifi, and Chromecast as well as thousands of compatible smart home products. By adding smart home devices to the Google Home APP, you can view the device status and perform operations anytime, anywhere on your phone.

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