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TRVZB Manuals Buy Now Less energy usage gives you a more comfortable homeSONOFF Zigbee...

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S-MATE2 Manuals Buy Now Make Your Switch Be A Smart Remote ControlSONOFF S-MATE Extreme Switch...

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Waterproof Box R2

It’s a waterproof box for SONOFF BASICR2/BASICR3/BASICZBR3/RFR2/RFR3/DUALR2/POWR2/TH10/16TH Elite/Origin/POW Elite/Origin/M5 Series/TX Series/NSPanel Series/NSPanel Pro Series.

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SNZB-01P is a Zigbee wireless switch, simplify smart control with one button. Single press, double press and long press – three actions to customize your smart home.

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TX Ultimate

TX Ultimate is a Smart Touch Wall Switch with much larger touch area than a regular touch switch. It has a circle of LED RGB lights around it, can not only as a wall switch but also be used as a night light or ambient light. You can also replace its switch cover as needed.

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