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S60 WiFi Smart Plug supports App and voice control, you can also track your appliance’s power consumption from it in the App, set maximum current, voltage, or power threshold to protect the device, and set smart scenes with other devices.

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TRVZB Manuals Buy Now Less energy usage gives you a more comfortable homeSONOFF Zigbee...

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S-MATE2 Manuals Buy Now Make Your Switch Be A Smart Remote ControlSONOFF S-MATE Extreme Switch...

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Waterproof Box R2

It’s a waterproof box for SONOFF BASICR2/BASICR3/BASICZBR3/RFR2/RFR3/DUALR2/POWR2/TH10/16TH Elite/Origin/POW Elite/Origin/M5 Series/TX Series/NSPanel Series/NSPanel Pro Series.

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