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Introducing iHost – Your Powerful Local Smart Home Hub

iHost, a groundbreaking innovation from SONOFF, serves as a local control hub for enhancing the speed, reliability, and security of home automation. It empowers users to exercise precise control over their devices and craft intelligent scenes via a LAN-based control console, all without relying on external cloud services.

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TX Ultimate: Elevate Your Smart Living with Various Devices

TX Ultimate redefines smart home convenience as an all-new smart wall touch switch. With its smart LED ambient light showcasing a variety of lighting effects, built-in vibration motor simulating mechanical touch, and nearly 90% touch-sensitive area, it brings enhanced touch operations right to your fingertips. The captivating design, combined with diverse functionalities, empowers TX Ultimate to shine in both home decor and smart living, offering a canvas for your creative ideas when paired with various SONOFF devices.

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Effortless Smart Scenes with TX Ultimate

Imagine a smart solution that seamlessly integrates a wall switch, an ambient light, a doorbell, and an alarm, all in one. That’s the remarkable answer that TX Ultimate provides! With its convenient touch screen, vibrant LED lights, built-in speaker, and powerful performance, TX Ultimate is the ultimate solution for your smart home needs.

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