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SONOFF ZBMINI-L2 Zigbee Smart Switch —Doc include product User Manual, Specification and Quick Start.

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NSPanel Pro Features &Tutorial Collection

NSPanel Pro is a smart home control panel for home automation, you can centrally manage your smart devices and scenes on this panel, such as adjust light colors, room temperature, view camera monitoring, and even view webpages on this panel. It can also be used as a doorbell, alarm and intercom.

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What Can We Do with NFC Tag?

Near-field communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless connectivity technology that uses magnetic field induction to enable communication between devices when they’re touched together or brought within a few centimeters of each other.
This technology can be embedded in a small tag to facilitate data transfer between nearby mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other electronics.

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SONOFF Argentina Distributor Exhibition

SONOFF Argentina is the exclusive distributor of SONOFF in Argentina. They attended Electrician Installer Week 2022 at ExpoTécnica exhibition in Buenos Aires Argentina, and was one of the sponsors of this big event.

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