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SONOFF Zigbee Smart Water Valve automates your watering system, offering multiple control methods including APP remote control, voice control, and smart scenes. With the ability to set precise schedules and capacity, you can avoid over-irrigation, reduce water costs, and conserve resources. It also provides intuitive insights into your water consumption, helping you make informed decisions and plan your water usage more effectively. Additionally, you can view historical irrigation data and receive a 3-day weather forecast, ensuring your garden or lawn gets the right amount of water at the right time.

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SONOFF ZBBridge-U is a Zigbee Bridge that can connect up to 256 SONOFF Zigbee sub-devices. Used as a Matter bridge, it can integrate your Zigbee devices into the Matter platform for effortless control and automation, such as Alexa, Google Home, Apple Home, and SmartThings.

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POWCT Manuals Buy Now SONOFF POW Ring Smart Power Meter | POWCT Non-contact CurrentTransformer...

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MINIR4M is SONOFF’s first Matter device that enable seamless control with other devices and Matter-compatible Apps.

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