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eWelink What’s New For Android 3.12.0 

Release Date:2019.10.08 Some Updates in eWelink Android 3.12.0 for SONOFF Devices: 1. The 433 RF gateway now can exit learning mode automatically.2. Support multiple light bulb devices as a group to control(only L1 currently)3. Other App bugs fixed and optimizations.Other Updates for Non-SONOFF devices: 1.New deviceNew RGB five-colors lamp, Smart Circuit Breaker2.Device upgrade2.1 The opening and closing of the […]

eWeLink What’s New for iOS 3.10.0

Release Date:2019.08.20 What’s new of eWeLink iOS 3.10.0: 1. Sharing optimization: Support sharing with WeChat friends, support multiple devices sharing. 2. Scene optimization: Support adding a schedule timer as the triggering condition. 3. Optimize the response speed of switch&socket. 4. Partial function descriptions optimization. 5. Support “inching” for 4ch pro. 6. Other App bugs fixed and optimizations.