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How Do We Protect Ourselves from Coronavirus?

A new strain of respiratory illness coronavirus (dubbed 2019-nCoV by WHO) outbreaks that started in Wuhan in December last year, the city with the largest populations of central China. According to health officials, the disease can cause the respiratory tract infection and spread mainly from person-to-person, and what’s worse it can probably pass to others before a […]


Hi, SONOFF fans, Glad here to meet you! SONOFF always strives to meet customers’ expectations and needs in building smart home. Your support is the necessary part for our growth and development. To hear more from our valued customer, here we are offering 10pcs free samples – SONOFF IW100 In-wall Socket/IW101 Light Switch on Amazon to […]

eWelink What’s New For Android 3.12.0 

Release Date:2019.10.08 Some Updates in eWelink Android 3.12.0 for SONOFF Devices: 1. The 433 RF gateway now can exit learning mode automatically.2. Support multiple light bulb devices as a group to control(only L1 currently)3. Other App bugs fixed and optimizations.Other Updates for Non-SONOFF devices: 1.New deviceNew RGB five-colors lamp, Smart Circuit Breaker2.Device upgrade2.1 The opening and closing of the […]

eWeLink What’s New for iOS 3.10.0

Release Date:2019.08.20 What’s new of eWeLink iOS 3.10.0: 1. Sharing optimization: Support sharing with WeChat friends, support multiple devices sharing. 2. Scene optimization: Support adding a schedule timer as the triggering condition. 3. Optimize the response speed of switch&socket. 4. Partial function descriptions optimization. 5. Support “inching” for 4ch pro. 6. Other App bugs fixed and optimizations.