Bank Account Changing Notice

The account number of iTead Studio is shifted from HANG SENG BANK LIMITED HONG KONG to CMB WING LUNG BANK LTD with effect from 09/01/2019.

For payment via bank transfer to iTead Studio, please amend the new bank details with effect from 09/01/2019 as follows:

Bank Account:
Bank address: 45 Des Voeux Road,Central,HongKong
Account Number: 62534300126 

You can view our company bank details here: ITEAD Intelligent Systems Co.Ltd | Chaning Document |  Shenzhen sonoff Technologies Co.Ltd

Recently, some of our customers received a phishing mail posing as our customer service staff. This email informs the change of bank account information, and is accompanied by a forged notification letter about the change of bank account number and a forged special financial seal of our company was stamped on the notification letter. Fortunately, the customers who received the phishing email contacted the salesman of our company in time and confirmed it as false information, which avoided possible property losses for the company.

With the development of the Internet, our company particularly reminds customers to guard against such phishing mail or similar information fraud, in order to prevent unnecessary losses.

In order to prevent such incidents from happening, we would like to remind you of the following points:

  1. In view of the change of bank information, our salesmen will send email notification directly and attach a notice with the company’s official seal.
  2. Normal changes in bank accounts will not result in changes in the name of the receiving company. If the change of company name is involved, we will attach the business name change notice and business license and other supporting documents.

Our email domain name is “”. If you receive an email from the sender of a domain name other than ours, please pay special attention to it.

Fox example, the following phishing mail was what our customers received. The faker confuses customers by disguising the sender name of a mailbox as “SONOFF”. The mailbox behind is the real sender, but it doesn’t belong to our company.

If your company receives our mail about any information changes, please contact our sales staff or call us by +86 755 27955416 in time to ensure the authenticity of the relevant content.

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