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Building a Smarter Home: Expert Insights and Inspirations from SONOFF

20 Tips for Smarter Smart Home Device Purchases

20 Tips for Smarter Smart Home Device Purchases

When you want to build a smart home but don’t know how to choose the smart devices? Check out this article to help you find out your desirable smart home devices, and improve your smart living.

Introducing iHost – Your Powerful Local Smart Home Hub

Introducing iHost – Your Powerful Local Smart Home Hub

iHost, a groundbreaking innovation from SONOFF, serves as a local control hub for enhancing the speed, reliability, and security of home automation. It empowers users to exercise precise control over their devices and craft intelligent scenes via a LAN-based control console, all without relying on external cloud services.

Explore the Connected World with SONOFF

Discover the limitless possibilities with SONOFF. Our smart home solutions support Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple Shortcut, while providing seamless connectivity through Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Matter, and eWeLink Remote-Control. Join us as we continually expand our platform compatibility and protocol support, ensuring you stay at the forefront of the connected lifestyle revolution.

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Step into a world where our products come to life through powerful collaborations with influencers. Witness the magic unfold as they share their experiences and insights. Discover how our brand, guided by authenticity and innovation, captivates audiences worldwide. Together with influencers, we shape trends and inspire the next wave of creativity.

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This Display Replaces Your Light Switch!? – Sonoff NSPanel Review

Sonoff recently announced the Sonoff NSPanel, a Smart Switch with a touch display that allows you to control all of your smart home devices in one room all from one…


Is this the future of automation?

I got access to a very early look at the NSPanel from ITEAD. A completely new take on how a wall light switch should look like! Is this the new future of automation?


Easy Sonoff Zigbee CC2652 Firmware Upgrades! + Other Ethernet / USB

Easier Firmware upgrades of the Sonoff iTead Zigbee Coordinator. No pushing the button while toggling power anymore! WOOT! Links and more below…


Sonoff Mini R2 sostituzione del relè Finder 27.01

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